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    In Clinical remission without meds since last one year

    I was diagnosed with Crohn's in August 2013, with mild Crohn's in several parts of digestive tract. Now I am symptom free for more than a year. The doctor who diagnosed me wanted to put me on entocort. I took a second opinion and was advised treatment with mesalamine. I decided to give myself...
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    Fecal calprotectin - does it show rectal inflammation

    My fecal calprotectin level, which was 149 about 3 months back, has come down to 62. I was diagnosed to have mild inflammation in stomach, duodenum, descending colon, and rectum. Would the fecal calprotectin show the inflammation in stomach, duodenum and rectum, particularly rectum. Or does it...
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    A few queries - Experimenting with LDN before properly starting it

    Hi Friends, I am new to this forum and just posted my first message on "My Story". Continuing from that thread.. When I was diagnosed in August this year, I felt utterly helpless for a few days. Initial 3-4 days I did nothing but browse. Accidentally I found that there is this drug called LDN...
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    Diaganosed 21 aug 2013

    Hi Everybody, Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences on this forum. It has been a great help since I was diagnosed with Crohn's this Aug. I was diagnosed with mild to moderate Crohn's Disease (I think there is some doubt in my GI's mind - he says it could even be UC). I have mild...