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  1. ChampsMom

    Autism, Gut Issues Linked

    I found this really interesting as a Mom who has both an IBDer (who has a VERY mild case of Asperger's - some social cues, OCD issues) and another on the Autism Spectrum PDD-NOS... Thought I share...
  2. ChampsMom

    Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)

    So yesterday I did something I do not regularly do - I visited the main adult forum section... Wow... Great questions, great information, a bit overwhelming for me (not sure my bubble can handle that much...) One thing that I was surprised to see is so many adults on SSDI and/or Disability...
  3. ChampsMom

    Headaches? Migraines?

    I can't remember if I have every asked this before - so I'm asking now (again?)... Do your kids get bad headaches? My son gets migraines on and off... Is it Crohn's related? Meds related? Sinus related? Thanks...
  4. ChampsMom


    Does anyone's children suffer with migraines? Alex has started getting really bad migraines. . Wondering if it is Crohn's related or more likely to be a concussion from ice hockey. Either way I'm calling the doctor on Monday if he has another this weekend. Thanks
  5. ChampsMom

    Good News!

    We had Alex' quarterly blood work and check up the other day and he's doing GREAT! He's gained 11.1 lbs and grew an inch in the last quarter - which means he's gained over 26 lbs since March! I can't get over the change in him. His inflammation markers were all NORMAL (haven't said that in a...
  6. ChampsMom

    Has Anyone Tried Aloe?

    Does any drink Aloe regularly or have you tried it? Good results? Bad? I was reading about it and am thinking about having my son try it... Thoughts??
  7. ChampsMom

    Forum for teens?

    I was wondering if anyone knows of something like this for the kids to be able to communicate on? The more time I spend on the fourm, the more time I spend on the forum... know what I mean? It's a bit addicting right now.... I keep thinking how cool it would be for my 14 year old son to talk...
  8. ChampsMom

    My Story

    Hello All, I am the Mom of a 14 year old son who was dx with Crohn's last year April. The flu was going around crazy last year, we all had it at some point or another. Additionally our family was under a lot of stress and I thought nothing of his "bug". However after a solid week of him not...