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    Can't seem To Get Entyvio Approved After 2 Infusions

    I've had 2 doses of Entyvio which is my last hope and now I am having difficulty getting my new health insurance straightened out even though I paid it the beginning of this month but because I upgraded and it's a new year they didn't process it yet but yet I have insurance whereby they may...
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    How Long Can You Stay On TPN?

    I'm a young adult with Crohns for 25 years and have run out of options. Haven't eaten for her 3 months and have been on Peptamen 1.5 but now that seems to bother me and getting bad pain again so doctor suggesting TPN. I just had my second dose of Entyvio which is my last hope but want to know...
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    So Scared and Need Help

    Hi All I am so sorry and scared in reading so many of your posts and you are all my heroes and heroines. I'm the mom of it'smebabs who is an adult and she is my only child (and family) dealing with Crohn's almost all her life. She's tried and been on everything except the biologics because she...
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    I'm NOT Supposed to Take Biologics So Why Vedolizumab?

    Hi I've had Crohn's for at least 25 years so almost my whole life. Have been on everything except the biologics since I have a precursor to Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma and MGUS (can turn into Multiple mMyeloma... bone cancer). Because of not responding to any drugs and having iliocolic resection 2...