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  1. jonique

    Stelara side effects with increased dosage

    Hello. I've been on stelara 45 mg every 8 weeks for the past year. I receive it from my rheumatologist so I have the rheumatology dosing. I had a small bowel resection last October and today had a follow-up colonoscopy that shows a small patch of active crohns next to the surgical site. My gi...
  2. jonique

    Cimzia side effect - freezing cold feet?

    Hi Everyone, I had my first loading doses of Cimzia yesterday and shortly after i felt dizzy, then noticed red blotchy look to my face, neck and chest, along with freezing cold feet. This lasted about an hour. Later in the evening I had a mild headache. This morning i woke up with allergies...
  3. jonique

    Remicade and spondyloarthropathy

    Hi Everyone, I have been on Remicade since Dec 16, 2014 and have had the three loading doses. The GI stuff is much improved, however the spondyloarthropathy seems to be lagging behind. For those who also have spondyloarthropathy, did it take a while for the remicade to work on it? in...
  4. jonique

    Diarrhea from iron supplements

    Hi All, Does anyone else get diarrhea, cramps and mucus from taking iron supplements? I know it sounds odd as iron supps usually cause constipation. For some reason, I am getting the opposite. My iron stores are low and I have been advised to take some iron supplements. I have tried...
  5. jonique

    Distention and bloating on Humira - anyone else?

    Hi everyone, I've been on Humira for 10 weeks now and from day one I started to get rumbling gas in my stomach and it has progressed over the weeks to severe bloating and distention that makes my stomach look and feel like a hot air balloon. It doesn't seems to matter what I eat, don't eat...
  6. jonique

    Switching from MTX to biologicals

    hi All, I am on Methotrexate for Crohn's and seronegative arthropathy. Been taking it for 9 months and it has helped the arthropathy a lot and the Crohn's so-so. I have been dealing with side-effects of extreme fatigue as well as nausea and lack of appetite. I have recently tried reducing...
  7. jonique

    Decreasing MTX - mild symptoms

    Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and find it very interesting and useful to read all the posts with various opinions, experiences and information. I have Crohn's Disease along with seronegative spondyloarthropathy. I have been on Methotrexate 25 mg sub q for 8 months now and have noticed a...