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    Anxiety and Entocort

    Hello everyone, I have been feeling anxious and need to vent... This place is the only place, where I feel people can relate and understand. I know that I should be grateful for the entocort working and releiving me of horendous pain. And that a lot of people have it much more worst than me...
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    Happy new year!!!

    I wanted to wish every one of us, CD, IBD etc. sufferers a HEALTHY and Happy new year. May this new year bring peace and relief (any relief) to all. Lets keep supporting one another to keep stronger in the ongoing battle. Best wishes to all!! [emoji846][emoji846][emoji846]
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    Hello, I am taking entocort and it is helping a lot. But it is making very anxious and depressed. Was already depressed from the 6 weeks of physical pain. My boyfriend of 7 years just broke up with me. Telling me I make him unhappy when im sick, and even more unhappy when im well. I feel so...