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  1. Clash

    Its been a really long time

    Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I've actually posted much. I hop on now and again just to catch up with all the kiddos...wow most of our originals arent kiddos anymore! A quick update on C. His G-tube came out some time ago. It was at the point where he be switching to an adult GI so...
  2. Clash

    It's been awhile and I have a question!

    Hey guys! It's been awhile! C is still stable. He has a scope coming up. He is on Stelara only right now. His weight is pretty good right now. But this question isnt for him it's for me! So, first the most unbelievable story... In August, I had a total hysterectomy(on a tuesday). Two days...
  3. Clash

    Stelara, CD, SpA update on C

    C had a scope several months back. The results were less than stellar. He had mild inflammation throughout colon and moderately severe inflammation at anastomosis site and above as far as scope would go. We knew we had decisions to make but he also had a new rheumatologist appt and I wanted...
  4. Clash

    These rare strep cases are concerning

    Hi all. I've been off and on but haven't posted much about C. He's still rocking along. He's lost weight again over the last month or so. We did blood work last week including vitamins and iron panel. C felt it was iron because he's been really fatigued. Nope HGB was good and ferritin was...
  5. Clash

    Humira biosimilar approved

  6. Clash

    Moving on to Stelara

    Hey guys. I decided to start a new thread since C is starting a new med. So, to recap C's scope looked bad- inflammation from surgical site and throughout colon with granulomas and mini ganulomas (yeah that's a new one for me). At the follow up I asked if instead of moving to entyvio was there...
  7. Clash

    Not CD related but interesting regarding unpublished studies

  8. Clash

    Eagles founder, Glenn Frey passed away at 67

    Source It seems there has been a spate of musical artists that have passed on recently. Seemso Frey had his own share of autoimmune issues..sad.
  9. Clash

    Questions about JSpA

    Maya142, my little penguin, I have a couple of questions about joint pain and JSpA. Some of these, admittedly, I may have asked before. For some reason I can research and retain about IBD til the cows come home but I cannot seem to drag myself through the JSpA stuff. C was dx'ed last May with...
  10. Clash

    Moving on to Humira

    Thought I would go ahead and start the new thread for the new drug. I've realized I truly suck at remembering the specifics of nurse calls and Dr. appts. From my last thread you may remember the nurse called late evening and stated high antibodies to remicade starting humira and that she'd...
  11. Clash

    Article about miralax study

    I came across this in another group: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/01/06/science/scrutiny-for-a-childhood-remedy.html?action=click&contentCollection=Europe&module=MostEmailed&version=Full&region=Marginalia&src=me&pgtype=article&_r=0&referrer=
  12. Clash

    2nd time on Remicade

    C recently had surgery and started back on remicade. He restarted with the loading doses but at a slightly different loading schedule as the GI group had seen less reactions to remicade with it. He is having his second loading dose now and the nurse just stepped out to say he was having a...
  13. Clash

    Vaccine question

    This question if for those whose kids have gone out of country, Tesscorm, Dusty I know there were others. Anyway, C wants to go on a mission trip to Haiti this summer. It says that a typhoid vaccine, malaria and Hepatitis A. The GP said the typhoid vaccine wasn't live. Anyone know about the others?
  14. Clash

    College football player with CD

    We are watching college football today. So we are flipping through games and an announcer mentioned that Dion Hill RB for Georgia Tech has Crohn's and was out for the spring struggling with it. Nice to hear of those that are still going after their dreams and managing their illness.
  15. Clash

    C's surgery thread

    I thought I'd start a new thread and try to chronicle his surgery and recovery. Hopefully, it will give other parents facing this some insight. Today, we head to the hotel by the hospital. So, first packing, here are some items outside of regular clothes that have served our hospital visits...
  16. Clash

    Non IBD kid lab results

    So I was able to look at J's lab results,. This was the doctor notation: So I have a few pages of results but wanted to list the ones I see on here most often as well as the High and Low ones. So here goes: WBC - 4.8 (3.4-10.8) RBC - 4.44 (3.77-5.28) HGB - 13.7 (11.1-15.9) HCT- 43.4...
  17. Clash

    GI appt for my non-IBD kid

    So, I've made an appt for C's older sister with an adult GI C's ped GI recommended. She has always been the one with weird bathroom habits but has always explained it away. She called last week from college and admitted that she feels like she has to throw up after eating not nauseated but...
  18. Clash

    Chronic conjuntivitis and CD

    Hey guys, several weeks ago C had been dx'ed with conjunctivitis by the ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist has experience with patients with CD and is very knowledgeable about the ocular EIMs(yes I quizzed him). He is the doc that dx'ed C with episcleritis awhile back and offerred a second...
  19. Clash

    Check-up time, fingers crossed

    It's that time. C will be having his colonoscopy on Friday morning. We will go up on Thursday and have two hotel rooms, one for us and one for C. He'll do his prep in the hotel and then we report for colonoscopy first thing the next morning. There will be an MRE scheduled if the GI is unable to...
  20. Clash

    Possible episcleritis flare

    Things have been calm. Except for that thumb/wrist pain that resolved after a couple days, C hasn't had any issues. No GI issues and pt has been going really well. Still doing EN, now 5 nights a week at 4 cartons a night. He purchased a new video game a couple days ago and has spent most of his...