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    Should I be getting infusions at this time?

    What a time to start treatment with Entyvio and other biologics? Since those treatments suppress the immune system, is it wise administering these suppressants, considering Covid19 is already present in our Province? Since having my last treatment I have been pretty much self isolating, other...
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    Entyvio weight gain?

    I've had a lot of weight loss with crohn's, and surgeries. Will my appetite return and will I gain some much needed weight? Also, once I start this treatment, will anyone be monitoring my liver enzymes and testing my immune function. When my GI set up Entyvio for me, he just said he will see...
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    Need reassuring re: Entyvio

    Hello, I am new to this board and have had crohn's for many years. I've exhausted most of my options outside of the biologics. The only med that worked for years was prednisone, saved me more than once. I weaned of it, went out of a 13 year remission, and have had 3 surgeries since, and an...