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    Has anyone else experienced chills and/or a low night time body temperature from your Remicade?

    I just had my second dose of Remicade and although it has been working, every night I get chills and a low body temperature (95.5). Have any of you experienced this? Thanks.
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    Former Entyvio Patients: How Long Did It Take For Your Side-Effects To Go Away?

    My third and last infusion of Entyvio was one month ago and after every dose the side-effects became progressively worse. My symptoms from Entyvio have included: -Severe fatigue including low endurance/stamina -Bloating, on and off severe diarrhea (including fatty stool) -Body temperature...
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    Should I Go Back On Prednisone?

    I have Crohn's Colitis with tenesmus,bloating, gas, diahrrea, cramps in the lower abdomen, anemia (Hemocrit of 9.4), on and off bright red blood and white mucous in the stool with fatty stool (stetorrhea) nearly every night. I've had an upper MR Enterography which ruled out serious problems in...
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    Why Don't GI Doctors Take The Role Of Diet Seriously?

    Both my Gastroenterologist and his nurse practicioneer who have been in practice for decades refuse to believe that diet and nutrition plays a role in the treatment of Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis. Just the fact that so many people have vitamin and mineral deficiencies, food allergies, food...
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    Exhaustion from Entyvio, Iron supplementation, post-Prednisone taper or Adrenal issues?

    I apologize for cramming so much information into a small space, but I would like to get a better idea where I stand health-wise. I was on 40 Milligrams and did a slow taper-When I got to 10 Mg, I tapered 2.5 milligrams down per week; A slow taper. Two days after I stopped the Prednisone, I...
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    Prednisone Taper 2.5

    I am currently taking 12.5 milligrams of Prednisone once a dayy and have been on Prednisone for about three months. Once I get to 10 milligrams a day, would any of you recommend that I go down 2.5 milligrams or 1 milligram and for how long should I take each dose as I taper down?
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    Entyvio and fatigue

    I had my first Entyvio infusion one week ago and the fatigue caught me off guard. Does it go away in time and do any of you use natural treatments to regain your energy?
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    Bowel movements change from solid to liquid from day to day

    I am slowly recovering from a severe Crohn's Colitis flareup. The only medication I am currently taking 15 Mg of Prednisone (down from 40 Milligrams) a day and am eating a Carnivore diet with no fiber but I HAVE been eating some ice cream for emotional eating. For some reason, I still have to...
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    Are there any ex-Vegans who developed GI problems from the diet?

    I am going to try to keep this as short as possible, but I am hoping that some of you will be able to relate to my experience with the Vegan diet and hopefully confirm some of my symptoms. After nearly two-years of Remicade infusions, I started a strict Vegan diet and felt so good that I asked...
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    Confused about the symptoms and side-effects of Crohn's and Prednisone-Need help please

    I am recovering from a severe Crohn's Colitis flareup. I am taking 15 milligrams a day of Prednisone (down from 40 Mg). I am also on the Carnivore diet eating zero fiber and minimal carbs. I am confused because the symptoms of Crohn's and some of the side-effects of Prednisone can overlap: I...
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    Death in the family and delayed Crohn's flareup?

    A close family member passed on last November. Four months after their death my Crohn's flareup began. Although I openly grieved a little at the time of her death I'm basically one of those people who keep most emotions bottled up. I am wondering if it is in any way possible that the...
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    Crohn's Colitis Flareup:Multiple symptoms

    Hi, I've had Crohn's for twenty years but was symptom free for fifteen of them. I don't smoke, I eat a clean diet and exercise. In the last three months I've had to run to the bathroom up to twenty-five times a day, lost a lot of weight and have extremely low Iron. My Colonoscopy revealed...