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    C Diff - no fever and no cramps?

    Almost wondering if I have managed to pick up C Diff? No fever and no cramps. Usual level of fatigue (so high :lol2: ) but very liquid stools that smell different and quite strong. Have never had C Diff before. Has anyone had it and had their only symptom be gross smelling diarrhea?
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    Stelara and Entyvio?

    I put this on the Entyvio board, but thought I would try here too. Anyone take Entyvio and Stelara at the same time? It is my next (last stop) before surgery. Have been doing Humira and Entyvio for a while, but dropping the Humira.
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    Entyvio and Stelara?

    I put this on the Stelara board, but thought I would try here too. Anyone take Entyvio and Stelara at the same time? It is my next (last stop) before surgery. Have been doing Humira and Entyvio for a while, but dropping the Humira.
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    Highest dose of Humira?

    Anyone on a dose higher than one injection/ week? I tend to process medication pretty quick and have a higher than average BMI. on it specifically to heal fistulas and apparently higher levels are needed for that. Was on Humira weekly before and it didn’t do anything. Adding to Entyvio this...
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    Tacrolimus (Prograf)

    Found some old threads in the search, but I thought I would try again and see if anyone has been on in the last couple of years. Fistulas and perianal disease are pretty terrible at the moment. Enytvio is not helping. Looking at a few options right now, with Tacrolimus being one of them...
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    Ostomy because of Fistulas?

    Hoping to hear from people who decided to get either a permanent or temporary ostomy because of their fistulas. My bowel disease is fairly well controlled at the moment, but my perianal disease is not, and nothing seems to really help. Cipro and Flagyl keep things from being totally miserable...
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    Fistulas/Perianal Disease and FCP

    I've been doing pretty well following a laparoscopic resection last year (lost around 25 cms, mostly large bowel, about 6 cms of ileum). Surgeon said my small bowel was "pristine" in terms of disease activity/scarring after taking out the pesky stricture. My fistulas, however, continue to...
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    Resection Tomorrow Morning!

    Heading in tomorrow for my first major Crohn's surgery and the nerves are definitely setting in. They'll be going in laparoscopically and doing an ileocecal resection. I've read lots of your stories, and wanted to thank you all for sharing you knowledge, tips and tricks. Having an idea what to...
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    How do you know it's time for a resection?

    Crohn's for 16 years now. I'm 36. As you can see from my signature, I've done pretty all the drugs. Entyvio seems to be helping but still having issues. Was hospitalized with a partial small bowel obstruction in June. At that point I switched from Stelara to Entyvio and of course ended up on...
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    Poll: Entyvio + 6MP, Imuran or Methotrexate?

    Interested in a head count of how many of you are on another immunosuppressant in addition to the Entyvio? I am starting Entyvio ASAP and am considering adding methotrexate as well. Please reply with yes or no and the name of the drug and the dose. Thanks!
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    IV Pred

    I am in the hospital for an obstruction and receiving IV pred to get the inflammation down. Any ballparks for how long it should take to kick in? Getting 40 mg three times a day. Think I have now had 6 or so doses.
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    Perianal Disease and Entyvio

    I'm feeling pretty well overall on Stelara except for my pesky fistulas and perianal disease. Going for an MRI and sigmoidoscopy to see what is going on, and if there is significant inflammation, my doctor is suggesting I switch to Entyvio. Looking to hear from anyone with perianal Crohn's...
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    Getting off Methotrexate when combined with an Anti-TNF

    Hoping someone might have some experience with methotrexate and anti-TNFs and specifically using MTX to boost the performance of the anti-TNF (in this case, Simponi) but then stopping when remission is fully achieved. Here's the situation: Fistualizing Crohn's in large and small bowel since...
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    Granuloma on fistula

    I took a look (well, took a photo of my ass and then looked it :ylol: ) at my setons and fistulotomy wounds today and was concerned to see a granuloma on the fistulotomy wound. Wondering if anyone has experienced this and what the implications are? Further surgical intervention going to be...
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    Starting Simponi as soon as I can get it into my hot little hands! I know there aren't too many who are on it, but anyone have any injection tips to share? Did it help you? Would love to hear success stories of it healing fistulas!
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    Diaper cream for fistula/seton issues?

    Had two setons and one fistulotomy done almost two weeks ago and was healing pretty well and dealing okay but last two days have been a bit miserable with lots of drainage and seton poking causing discomfort and butt burn. Pharmacist is ordering in calmoseptine for me, should be in tomorrow...
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    Clinical Trial for MEDI2070

    I am going to be enrolling in a clinical trial for MEDI2070, which blocks interleukin-23 (IL-23). Similar to Stelara, but with less infection risk, as it only blocks IL-23 and not both 23 and 12. Here's a link if anyone is interested. Looking to connect with anyone else participating in...
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    Humira and Fistulas

    For those of you who have had success with Humira healing your fistulas - how long did it take? I have been on it since March, and on weekly doses for a least a month, and it's not helping my fistulas. Wondering if I should give it a bit more time or try something else (already done Remicade...
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    What do you do with used Humira pens?

    Sort of a stupid question, but how do you dispose of used Humira pens? Pharmacy didn't have sharps container, public health wanted to charge $15 for one. Was thinking of taking used ones to dispose of at hospital, but keep forgetting and now have quite a collection!
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    Double dose once a week?

    I responded we'll to loading doses, but not so well once I switched to maintenance. Did one week of 2 pens, and now on weekly doses. Anyone do double dose each week? Worried about side effects, but my body seems to metabolize Humira quickly. Also running out of drug options, so would prefer not...