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  1. brooklyn23

    Petition again United Healthcare's exorbitant/incorrect forumlary

    https://www.change.org/p/stephen-j-hemsley-ceo-of-united-health-unitedhealthcare-oxford-your-formulary-is-denying-people-correct-medications I was not sure where to put this but I hoped for some help, I've had a hell of a time with UH/Oxford to get them to cover medications. They wouldn't even...
  2. brooklyn23

    Another episode of horrible pain

    It's been 6 months since my last bout of totally crippling pain. It's not as bad as usual but it's not fun. I am having trouble walking around due to the lower abdominal pain. It feels more centered than on the right. No D... but a lot of gas and pressure and constipation. :/ I have virtually no...
  3. brooklyn23

    Seasonal Inflammation Responses discovered

    Scientists finally figured out why you rarely get sick in the summer I was wondering if anyone notices any seasonal fluctuations with their IBD as well, if our bodies are more likely to produce certain inflammatory responses during certain times of the year, how it would affect IBD. I can say...
  4. brooklyn23

    AROO!!! - Celebration!

    I finished the Spartan Sprint today!! Even though I lost 1/4 of the year of training I was planning on doing.
  5. brooklyn23

    Sore Spots

    I wanted to know if anyone else experienced this... rather than general malaise or pain, I tend to feel pain concentrated in very specific spots that don't really change location. Is this typical? I have three spots, each varying in how much they affect me, but there's one in the lower right...
  6. brooklyn23

    Everything's "Normal" so why am I in pain?

    Just heard back from my doctor, all my blood tests came back fine. No inflammation. Cool. So why am I still in pain? Why am I so exhausted that I want to go back to bed a few minutes after getting up? What the hell is going on? The good news is I passed ovulation day without any attacks of...
  7. brooklyn23

    Doctor Tomorrow - I need help

    I'm really bad at advocating for myself at the doctor. I've made a list of what I need to bring up Pain in LRQ, but now pain on left side above and below belly button. Pain is soreness, occasionally cramping. Skin irritated around anus, itchiness and some bleeding. Mucus in stool - usually...
  8. brooklyn23

    Stupid. Overate. Waiting for consequences.

    I can already hear and feel my gut making the worst noises. I just overate when I knew I should have. :( Not having a good day.
  9. brooklyn23

    Handling Pain like a Superhero - or possibly your own worst villain

    Pain. It's basically the number one sign that something isn't right. Have you gotten so used to it, so used to masking it, that you can't even convey it right when you need to? I've been astonished to realize that my doctors do not comprehend the levels of pain I feel at my worst, or how...
  10. brooklyn23


    At what point does your pain make you cry? I know a lot of us focus on how we make it through, but what are the times that you, personally, just need to cry. What level of pain justifies it. I've got a weird uncanny valley of pain tolerance. Where I want to cry at around 6, rebound to being...
  11. brooklyn23

    Damned mucus....

    I'd been feeling really well for a good couple of days, and now I've been on a down swing for like... 4? I think. Today was rather alarming, because I have had mucus for a little while. It was more noticeable before pentasa, because my stools were harder and darker and I was constipated a lot...
  12. brooklyn23

    The worst advice

    What is the worst advice you have gotten from someone well meaning about your IBD? I had two gems last night from my mom: -stop thinking about it so much -(re:Colon pain) try tums
  13. brooklyn23

    Mortified at work

    I haven't been doing so well the past few days, more frequent movements and pain. But today I was in the rest room and two co-workers came in and immediately started complaining how disgusting the bathroom smelled. All I could think about what getting out before someone could see me. Some of...
  14. brooklyn23

    Mild/low-symptom Crohns takes a toll - Observations

    This came from a conversation I had with Cat-A-Tonic, but I wanted to touch on something I noticed. I've been back on Pentasa for about 3 weeks now, and on top of less pain and fatigue, I've noticed something else. My cardiovascular health is better than it was in the years I was not taking...
  15. brooklyn23

    Starting to feel sick - 3 days no bm

    So my system seems to work in overdrive or not at all. Monday I was in the bathroom four times and felt urges to go all day. And now I haven't gone in three days and I'm starting to feel sick. The pain is starting to creep in on my left side and my middle. I'm just feeling stressed particularly...
  16. brooklyn23

    I could cry (with joy)

    After flaring on January 7th, I basically stopped all physical activity. Taekwondo went by the way side, so did my training for the Spartan races. I was in too much pain to do much of anything. And even if daily life was manageable, exercise hurt. As time went on I watched my muscle mass...
  17. brooklyn23

    Poor Self-Advocate. Ideas for improving?

    I have a laundry list of things for my doctor: Tell him about the mucus in the stool Tell him about the return of the joint pain while traveling Tell him there are two new distinct spots where I'm feeling pain. (At first it was just the lower right side, now it's a bit on the lower left, and...
  18. brooklyn23

    Heart Your Guts

    I wasn't really sure where this should go, but I figured it couldn't hurt. Back in August, when I had a laparoscopy to rule out endometriosis, my mother got me a plush uterus to take to the hospital with me. Even though the procedure failed to find endo, I still find my uterus plush useful...
  19. brooklyn23

    Mucus? I can't tell

    So I don't know what mucus in the stool looks like, but I have noticed for a while a weird little halo of whiteish goop on most of my stools. It isn't much but it is visible and I don't think it's fat, though sometimes the water seems greasy after I go. But does that sound like mucus?
  20. brooklyn23

    Core Exercise

    So, one of the things that is cutting my workouts short is a lack of core strength -- or more accurately "hahaha ow my gut hurts I have to stop doing anything that requires stabilizers." Does anyone else feel that abdominal pain is exacerbated by core exercises? Do you have any core exercises...