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  1. Ya noy

    Close friend passed and his family is being horrible to partner & friends

    Well, we don't have gay marriage laws here in Illinois and if anyone doesn't think it makes a difference, right now, I'm in a state of disbelief, more upset than you could imagine. I just found out that one of my very closest, and dearest friends passed away--2 months ago! He was only 40, and...
  2. Ya noy

    The coconut macaroon cookie treatment

    From this article. http://www.peoplespharmacy.com/2011/12/22/coconut-cookies-help-prevent-surgery/ Coconut Cookies Help Prevent Surgery December 22, 2011 in Home Remedy Q&A Q. A while back you ran an article concerning chronic diarrhea caused by Crohn's disease: some people were experiencing...
  3. Ya noy

    Rush University Medical Center recruiting participants for study on the SCD diet

    Rush University Medical Center is recruiting participants to take part in a clinical study to determine whether the SCD diet changes the intestinal flora. Home study, no travel required, See link: http://www.rush.edu/rumc/page-1298328953440.html details below Clinical Trial Protocol...
  4. Ya noy

    "Pilot Testing a Novel Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease" The Specific Carboyhydrate Diet Study

    This study was performed in 2011, so there's probably already a thread here on it somewhere, but I haven't run across it, so I thought I'd post it. , A study was performed at the University of Mass. Medical Center in 2011, in which 11 patients with Crohns and UC were treated with an SCD "like"...
  5. Ya noy

    Hospitalized husband on prednisone

    My husband is in the hospital and they are treating him with prednisone, which makes him extremely anxious, irritable, and irrational. I tried warning the hospital staff, but they put him on it anyway, and now he's basically, well, freaking out. Having to lay in bed and not being able to do...