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  1. jwfoise

    Delzicol no longer under insurance

    I have been taking Delzicol since Asacol was discontinued. I've done OK with it. But a couple of weeks ago I got a letter from my insurance company (Cigna) that they will no longer cover Delzicol and I'll either have to pay for it myself or switch to another drug. :ymad: I'm meeting my GI...
  2. jwfoise

    Glenn Frey

    You may be asking what Glenn Frey (of the band The Eagles) has to do with UC. BBC News The Eagles were one of my favorite bands, which makes it even sadder.
  3. jwfoise

    Hi - Half of a Crohn's / UC couple

    Hi all Just joined your forum. I have UC, been diagnosed with it for over five years, but have probably had it for 20 or more. My UC is not too bad and seems fairly well managed, though I have my bad days. My wife has Crohn's, going on over 25 years (we've been married 22 and had it well...