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  1. Catherine

    Sibling being evaluated

    Sorry to say but the calprotectin level is very high for only small bowel involvement. You need a urgent MRE.
  2. Catherine

    Digestive trouble since 2012

    Sorry you haven't had any responses. As i have got older my tolerance meat declined. My dx is IBS
  3. Catherine

    Fecal calprotectin test

    Suggest also requesting blood tests. I would get calprotectin are pain event. I would try a ibs diet like FODMAPs. This diet made my ibs much better. My daughter who was later dx with crohn's if anything it made her worse.
  4. Catherine

    Crohn's and PDA/High functioning autism

    My 24 year old daughter was dx with UC last year and she is high functioning aspergers. Her sisters has crohn's.
  5. Catherine

    Maybe joining the Crohns train again.

    All results have come back appointing to UC not Crohn's. Hemoglobin 11 and ferritin 23. All symptoms have resolved.
  6. Catherine

    Maybe joining the Crohns train again.

    She responding really well to medication. UC is behaviour is like it should with this medication. Still awaiting test results to confirm dx.
  7. Catherine

    recently disgnosed

    Hi, I am bumping the thread for you. Sorry you haven't received a response. I don't know the med but I do know under treated Crohn's can have very bad outcomes.
  8. Catherine

    First surgery panic

    My daughter the same age had similar surgery in May of last year. 60 cm small and 10 large bowel removed. The surgery put her into clinical remission. She takes a fibre supplement everyday. She seems very well.
  9. Catherine

    Frustrating disease

    The Aza dose seems low. My daughter highest dose of Aza was 150 mg aged 16 and about 50 kgs. There is also a blood test to check Aza levels.
  10. Catherine

    CDC: Some Immunocompromised People Can Get a Fourth Dose

    Australian in going to do booster for everyone at 6 months after 2nd dose. Starting next month.
  11. Catherine

    Maybe joining the Crohns train again.

    Hi All, still taking it in. I think this will end up being Crohns. It come conversation today, that any children she had wouldn't stand a change. For background her partner has UC dx at 19, his father has severe UC. I believe from memory if you have a sibling with Crohns, chances of other...
  12. Catherine

    Maybe joining the Crohns train again.

    Colonscopy was today. The GI doesn't believe it crohn's disease, suspects Ulcerative colitis..
  13. Catherine

    Maybe joining the Crohns train again.

    GI visit was changed to a telephone call. Hemoglobin was 7.6 slightly better than our fear of 7. GI believe the iron infusion will increase hemoglobin by 1 a week. She was near the level where blood transfusion would be consider. He would like a avoid this in a young woman if possible due to...
  14. Catherine

    Covid vaccine 3rd dose?

    Figures for the NSW (Australia) outbreak but 4% hospitalisations are fully vaccinated, and 12% deaths are fully vaccinated. The youngest death in the fully vaccinated group was in there 50s (single death), the rest were over the age of 60. The majority of the hospitalisations are under the age...
  15. Catherine

    Maybe joining the Crohns train again.

    She has had one iron infusion, the plan is for the GI to manage the anemia. R will see him for the first time this Friday. I have actually meet him a couple of times. He was not more oldest daughter treating GI (he was the treating GI boss), but he did dx her. My understanding is under 7 in...
  16. Catherine

    Maybe joining the Crohns train again.

    Thanks for your replies. I am just heading into work. Am i essential office worker, so still getting to go into the office. Thanks for listening.
  17. Catherine

    Heard from Doc today

    Sorry to see O is still having such hard time. Glad to see she has agreed to a planned surgery.
  18. Catherine

    Maybe joining the Crohns train again.

    The heading saying it all. But Sarah is great. Living In Queensland. She is in it her words living her best life. 18 months post major bowel surgery. My middle daughter R aged 24 . The one I have never had any concerns regarding Crohn's. Went to get her AsttraZeneca covid19 vaccinate from...
  19. Catherine

    Iron Infusion for ACD (Anemia of Chronic Disease)

    If he has both IDA and ACD and you can have both. Giving iron should cause the ferritin level to rise followed by the hemoglobin. What is the ferritin level?
  20. Catherine

    Newbies Seeking Advice Input & Opinions

    My daughter was dx with crohn as 16 years. She had very few symptoms of active dx and fecal calprectin was never under 200. Aged 24 she had 60 cm bowel removed due to Crohn's disease. Untreated Crohn's disease is very serious.