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  1. Clash

    Heard from Doc today

    You could check GI Care For Kids with the peptamen they're affiliated with Scottish Rite CHOA Sandy Springs. Out of touch with the peds world since C moved to adult GI. Hope O's health is improving greatly. Tell her I said War Eagle!
  2. Clash

    Resection and some history

    Your child's disease progression after diagnosis sound so eerily similar to my son's journey but my son was a bit older. At the ileocecal valve and just beyond is where my son's disease eventually required sx. All other areas with visible or pathological evidence of CD were treated by meds and...
  3. Clash

    Heard from Doc today

    Hers was planned similar to O's if I remember correctly. She would have stints in the hospital then go awhile where it all looked bad but she was functioning and saw no reason to tip the apple cart. But finally the GI told her that there were no choices left. I think it still took some time...
  4. Clash

    Heard from Doc today

    Just check in and saw all of this. That O has been famous for years, tell that Doc we all said so! The surgery you are talking about that includes the colon is the one that my husband's niece had. She has never looked back. And hasnt had another hospital stay related to the GI since then(she...
  5. Clash

    Perspective - Covid-19 and our ibd kids

    Just came on to make a post about C's telehealth appt. He didnt get his Stelara infusion because we were battling insurance then Covid came along and he didnt want to go to infusion center during that. Long story short, the GI today said that in several teleconference with his peers they have...
  6. Clash

    Its been a really long time

    Tesscorm, it's really apparent after taking a lengthy break from school that it is a stress unlike his work stress. He can rock right along at work but school causes an anxiety and stress that has more than once sent him in a downward spiral. He has a therapist and they have been working on...
  7. Clash

    Its been a really long time

    Maya message me whenever. I'm checking in at least once a week again and I'll answer any questions you may have!
  8. Clash

    Its been a really long time

    Maya C's scar for the tube looks pretty good. It is a little more raised than his laparoscopic surgery scar but its early on yet. It has healed nicely and he's been happy with how it has gone so far.
  9. Clash

    Its been a really long time

    Tesscorm, C is working close to full time right now. He wants to start back classes soon but is really scared to overload himself and have an active flare.
  10. Clash

    Its been a really long time

    Stelara is still at every 8 weeks right now so definitely room to play. Doc said we'd change one thing at a time to keep things simple to track unless symptoms, lab work etc showed need to move quickly.
  11. Clash

    Its been a really long time

    Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I've actually posted much. I hop on now and again just to catch up with all the kiddos...wow most of our originals arent kiddos anymore! A quick update on C. His G-tube came out some time ago. It was at the point where he be switching to an adult GI so...
  12. Clash

    Heard from Doc today

    I've been away so very long that when I signed in I didnt recognize the forum at first. But, when I saw this thread I immediately clicked on it. CIC, so very sorry for all that O has been through! Prayers that things are improving and the disease gets it's butt kicked by the antibiotic cocktail...
  13. Clash

    It's been awhile and I have a question!

    Hey guys! It's been awhile! C is still stable. He has a scope coming up. He is on Stelara only right now. His weight is pretty good right now. But this question isnt for him it's for me! So, first the most unbelievable story... In August, I had a total hysterectomy(on a tuesday). Two days...
  14. Clash

    Stelara, CD, SpA update on C

    C had a scope several months back. The results were less than stellar. He had mild inflammation throughout colon and moderately severe inflammation at anastomosis site and above as far as scope would go. We knew we had decisions to make but he also had a new rheumatologist appt and I wanted...
  15. Clash

    These rare strep cases are concerning

    Hi all. I've been off and on but haven't posted much about C. He's still rocking along. He's lost weight again over the last month or so. We did blood work last week including vitamins and iron panel. C felt it was iron because he's been really fatigued. Nope HGB was good and ferritin was...
  16. Clash

    Humira biosimilar approved

  17. Clash

    Moving on to Stelara

    Hey guys. I decided to start a new thread since C is starting a new med. So, to recap C's scope looked bad- inflammation from surgical site and throughout colon with granulomas and mini ganulomas (yeah that's a new one for me). At the follow up I asked if instead of moving to entyvio was there...
  18. Clash

    Not CD related but interesting regarding unpublished studies

  19. Clash

    Sticky Medical Marijuana for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

    J'sMom, my son doesn't use medical marijuana as treatment but wanted to chime in on the active inflammation/no symptoms as this has been the course of his disease for some time. He has active inflammation yet experiences no symptoms and has been in this state for maybe 2.5 years. It was actually...
  20. Clash

    Eagles founder, Glenn Frey passed away at 67

    Source It seems there has been a spate of musical artists that have passed on recently. Seemso Frey had his own share of autoimmune issues..sad.