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  1. Amandakmk

    No response to medications, now having surgery

    Hi everyone it’s been a while since I have posted but I have had so many sinus infections and just feeling so lousy . Currently I am on 40mg Humira every week and .5 mexthrotxate each week the dr tested my levels and it was not showing up and I have what seems to be a constant flare , now my...
  2. Amandakmk

    How to get mexthrotxate injectable out of your system

    I took mexthrotxate 3 days ago and having a lot of nausea and diarrhea the dr said to stop taking it and drink water , but what I don’t know is how long will this take and how much do I need to drink? Oh it’s injectable and only .4 ml
  3. Amandakmk

    Need advice please.

    I have been diagnosed with crohns last year , I started Humira in June 40mg I have to a of joint pain , more gastro flare ups recently really bad this past Friday . Now I have breast pain that runs up my arm pit and shoulder along with really itchy blisters that are in clusters up the palms of...
  4. Amandakmk

    More flares since starting Humira?

    So I have had my third dose of humira and have had more flares and joint pain to the point I can’t move and I am so tired. I have no sex drive , and still gaining weight. I also had surgery back in May for carpal tunnel and my incision area seems to be tracking forever to heal!. Has anyone...
  5. Amandakmk

    Joint pain worse than the actual crohns?

    I just had my first dose of Humira on the 3rd, three days later, every joint in my body had swelling and aches so badly. This lasted two days . Previously I had a lot of joint pain but it eased if I kept moving , I am a postal worker and this was my main problem the pain in my joints . I have...
  6. Amandakmk

    New to crohns

    I have always had issues with my bowels since I had pancreatitis 11 years ago, but I just dealt with it . In 2018 I started having joint pain all over , running random fevers in the evening (feeling like I had the flu) but to wake up the next morning perfectly fine . It takes me a while to get...