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  1. carolhew

    Liver biopsy today.....Will I ever see remission?

    I haven't posted in quite awhile...but I do check in frequently. I would be lost without this forum! Well I still have not achieved remission. My MRE and MRCP show my spleen and liver are enlarged and several bile ducts are inflamed, so I am having a liver biopsy today. My Humira has not been...
  2. carolhew

    I think I am flaring!

    I haven't posted in awhile, but I have been reading when I get a chance. I took my last dose of pred on May 10th, blood glucose levels are back to normal! Yay! But the joint aches and swelling showed up last Thursday, I had out of town guests so I struggled through the weekend. I called the GI...
  3. carolhew

    I am so miserable!

    I think I am coming down with a UTI! I have only had one once, 18 yrs ago. My second loading dose of Humira is Friday and I know it probably will not happen. And my Prednisone taper will probably be postponed.:( I started having some abdominal discomfort a week and a half ago and it has slowly...
  4. carolhew

    Hating the Prednisone!

    I hate this necessary evil drug! I am near the end of my 7th week at 40mg a day and am counting the days until I can taper! I started Humira on the 9th and the taper will start on the 23rd. The moon face and cankles showed up last week! My blood glucose levels have been all over the place...
  5. carolhew

    1st loading dose of Humira today!

    Yes, the day has arrived! The home health nurse is coming today at 2:30! I am so excited! One day closer to getting rid of the evil prednisone! Currently taking 40mg prednisone, 4000 mg Pentasa and waiting to start Humira. Been on Entocort, did nothing!
  6. carolhew

    Prednisone and diabetes don't mix!

    I have been on the pred for three weeks now at 20mg twice a day and I am diabetic! Yes, you guessed it my bg levels have skyrocketed! Last Wednesday my endocrinologist added 5mg of glipizide to my Victoza injection and 1000mg of metformin twice a day, but bg levels are still so high! In the 300s...
  7. carolhew

    GI changed his mind!

    Saw my GI today and he has decided to go with Humira (his first choice) he was considering Cimzia due to what he thought was my insurance coverage! I have had my chest x-ray and will have my TB test Friday. I also met my first in person Crohn's patient today! :rosette1:
  8. carolhew

    Colonoscopy update

    Just got home from having another colonoscopy! They were able to dilate my stricture and I am feeling pretty good. Bad news is my inflammation is the same. So here come the big guns, pred and biologics. GI mentioned Remicade but has to see what my insurance will cover. Well I am off to read...
  9. carolhew

    Colon prep today!

    Just finished the first half of my MoviPrep, drinking my water and waiting for the volcano to erupt! And I get to do it all again tomorrow at 5am! :ywow:
  10. carolhew

    Understanding lab tests

    I just wanted to share a website that I have found useful in understanding lab results. labtestsonline.org I hope this is helpful. :smile:
  11. carolhew

    GI mentioned @#&# IBS

    Went and saw the GI on Thurs due to abdominal pain not getting any better on the hyoscyamine he prescribed on Dec 30th. He said since the Pentasa and budesonide do not seem to be helping my early stage Crohn's he thinks my IBS might be acting up! :stinks: I hoped and thought I would never hear...
  12. carolhew

    Follow up with GI

    Had my follow up with my GI this week and I am still not in remission. Blood work is still showing some inflammation. Pentasa has been bumped to 1000mg 4 times a day. He gave me some Hyoscyamine to help with the pain, unfortunately it does not seem to work. So I guess I will be seeing the pain...
  13. carolhew

    Caught a Cold

    I have come down with a sinus cold today. Sneezing a lot! And yes, I just sneezed and crapped my pants! :eek:
  14. carolhew

    Beer is now on my no-no list!

    I had one beer last night and I am sure regretting it tonight. I went from being constipated to the big D. Last time the D showed up I was the day after drinking one beer! So now it is on the list. To make matters worst I thought I felt well enough to runs some errands with my hubby, at the...
  15. carolhew

    Mild Crohn's and type 2 Diabetes

    Hi all, I was just wondering if there any others here with Crohn's and type 2 diabetes. I was recently diagnosed in June and would love some advice on coping with 2 chronic diseases. I have been on oral meds for the diabetes for the last 6 yrs and am on budnesonide for the Crohn's. Carol
  16. carolhew

    Newly Diagnosed with Crohn's

    Hello All, I have been lurking for a little over a month now and thought it was about time I introduce myself. My name is Carol. I am 46 and I was just diagnosed with mild Crohn's. I have had IBS for over 20 years. My symptoms started changing sometime in January but I just thought it was the...