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  1. Catherine

    Maybe joining the Crohns train again.

    The heading saying it all. But Sarah is great. Living In Queensland. She is in it her words living her best life. 18 months post major bowel surgery. My middle daughter R aged 24 . The one I have never had any concerns regarding Crohn's. Went to get her AsttraZeneca covid19 vaccinate from...
  2. Catherine

    Silent Crohns

    I haven't post much in recent years. A little bit of background my oldest daughter was dx with Crohn's aged 16, she went undx for a number years due to lack of bowel symptoms. She spend the last few years working around Australia and travelling world. She did her colonoscopy prep yesterday...
  3. Catherine

    Moving forward with allergy testing

    We have decide to move forward with allergy testing with youngest (18). She get hayever. Get hives from grass, sunscreen and wool. We had our first appointment at the allergy clinic. Skin pricks negative for cat & dog hair, dust mite, rye grass, egg, milk, peanut, soy bean, wheat. No...
  4. Catherine

    Stelara - Listed on PBS

    Stelara has been listed on PBS today. :dusty::dusty:Great news for Crohn's patients in Australia.:dusty::dusty: AUD$38.80 per script.
  5. Catherine

    Outback Australia - RFDS

    Do we have any members living on the outback Australia using the RFDS for there medical care? How difficult is it obtain medications in the outback? How do you arrange blood tests? Does ambulanance cover transportation by the RFDS? Or do you need private health insurance? 22 years old days...
  6. Catherine

    Update on my Sarah

    For those who don't know Sarah's story she was dx with Crohn's at 16.5 years is now 22. She has been imuran all that time. She has been home for 6 weeks after spending the last 2.5 years working and travelling around U.K. And Europe. She is currently in small flare and taking steriods. She...
  7. Catherine

    PLE surgery

    I know this relates to PLE in heart patients but it is a cure in these patients. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/surgeons-design-a-new-worldfirst-surgery-to-cure-heart-kids/news-story/0eb297a3ed8fb7175a6d2a147b565307...
  8. Catherine

    Thunderstorm Asthma

    I know parents here have children who suffer from asthma. A rare event occurred in Melbourne on Monday night know as thunderstorm asthma. Monday had been a very hot day, 34c in central Melbourne and higher in other parts of the State. When change hit in early evening. Hundreds cases asthma...
  9. Catherine

    Minocycline? Research as threatment of IBD

  10. Catherine

    UK - Travel insurance

    My DD is currently living in the UK. Her travel insurance that we purchase before she left Australia is coming to a end. A few questions:- Is she able to purchase a annual travel policy that would provide cover for trips to Europe and UAE? Does anyone know what companies would cover Crohn's...
  11. Catherine

    Colonoscopy - acne medication

    Quick question to the committee. Has everyone ever come of acne medication prior to colonoscopy? If so are how long?
  12. Catherine

    Packaged lettuce leaves

    Currently major food poisoning here in Australia link to packaged lettuce leaves and associated products. Are whole lettuce products safer, I think they would be. The grocery council is trying to there is a higher risk from washing lettuce products in the home kitchen due cross contamination.
  13. Catherine

    4 years since dx

    I find this time of year very hard but it should be a reason to celebrate. Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of Sarah's dx with Crohn's Disease. I took us over 4 years to get a dx. For a long time Sarah only symptom that something was wrong was low ferritin. Over a number years this slowly...
  14. Catherine

    Ferritin conversion

    Does anyone know how to convert ug/L to ng/mL? Specify I would like to know whether 29ng/mL is much lower than 26 ug/L. What do know is 26ug/L is an ok level for ferritin if you haven't supplementing iron. And when you are it considered inadequate response.
  15. Catherine

    U.k. - imuran

    A question for our Uk members. Can a GP prescribe imuran? Background:- My 20 year old daughter has been imuran since dx almost 4 years ago. She doesnot have a specialist in the UK.
  16. Catherine

    Australia - Life Insurance.

    Obtaining cover for Crohn's for Life Insurance is very difficult. Industry Superannuation funds usually have 1 unit of life and 1 unit of disability cover as standard. These funds allow you purchase additional units of cover. If the additional cover is purchased within 90 days of joining the...
  17. Catherine

    Bowel prep for diabetic on insulin

    DH is scheduled for a colonoscopy on Monday. Does anyone know what we should watch for. The only advise received was to monitor glucose closely and adjust insulin accordingly. This is unhelp and currently feeling lost. My work is also being unhelpful. They don't understand that someone on...
  18. Catherine

    Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne

    They have a Merrkat enclosure! http://www.heraldsun.com.au/archive/news/royal-childrens-hospitals-meerkat-enclosure-a-big-hit/story-fn7x8me2-1226167491878
  19. Catherine

    Red lump

    DD has a lump on hip line on her back for months. It has been the size of grain of rice, with normal skin color. Yesterday she showed me the lump which seemed larger, pea size and the skin was pale red. No pain. Hurt to touch only. Discharge of white substance. Today the skin is red in...
  20. Catherine

    MTHFR - Methotrexate toxicity