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  1. drew_wymore

    Losing control

    December is usually my worst month emotionally and so far it hasn't let me down. Today was really hard though. My Aunt called to speak with my Mom and she started asking about me and what I've been doing to try and advance my appeal with the insurance company and it quickly devolved into a...
  2. drew_wymore

    Iron use

    Hi All, So I've started taking iron supplements. None of my basic blood work has resulted in any hint that I'm anemic but given some symptoms I'm beginning to wonder. None of my doctors has ever checked iron levels directly even though I've asked several times. So, that said, I've decided to...
  3. drew_wymore

    Some people just don't get it

    So yeah I have this guy who I do side work for. He IM's me today asks where I've been since i haven't been on IM much and I told him I've been sick again and he has the balls to say "sickness is overrated, get over it" .. now his wife has cancer which is sad but really? "get over it?" .. no...
  4. drew_wymore

    Dealing with stiff/gelling joints

    Howdy folks. I'm looking to solicit ideas on what you all do to treat joint pain. I have basically gelling problems where if I sit/lay/stay in any one position for more than a couple minutes my joints absolutely hurt so bad I can't hardly move. If I'm sitting in a chair at times it takes me a...
  5. drew_wymore

    Have you ever?

    Have you ever just had one of those "bad runs of luck"? It's not a world changing deal with me right now just frustrating. I've been depressed from living at home, can't seem to get answers on my IVIG stuff, I've been slacking on responding to people in general about things because I've just had...
  6. drew_wymore

    Weight loss and muscle atrophy

    I didn't know exactly where to put this. I hope Jeff or Bens will see this. Basically I'm having trouble with wasting again. It seems like I'm dropping about 10 pounds a week despite eating high calorie foods. I keep track of my body fat percentage and it hasn't dropped in line with the weight...
  7. drew_wymore

    Feeling pretty down

    Hey all .. having one of those periods again. It seems they still don't have a clue about what is wrong with me otherwise I don't think my GI would keep bouncing me around from specialty to specialty. Anyways. I called my sister to give her the news about the Rheums and Infectious Disease...
  8. drew_wymore

    I give up

    Well I heard back from both my GI and Hematologist after my little "episode" this week. The Hematologist is thinking that the immune globulin issue is a gut issue which I can agree with. He's researching to see if there is a test that can show I am losing protein through my bowels (there is...
  9. drew_wymore

    Advice ..

    Hi All .. I'm trying to decide whether to go to the ER right now. I just spent the last 20 minutes vomiting, belly is distended even though I haven't had anything to eat in well over 24 hours .. very very limited bowel movements .. So if any of the regulars see this and can say yeah go or ...
  10. drew_wymore

    New study finds gene that triggers immune response

    I found this interesting. It only mentions RA but in theory if they can find a way to completely switch off the gene then it could have marked implications for just about any auto immune disease. http://www.physorg.com/news166973037.html
  11. drew_wymore

    Jerk of a doctor I saw today *language alert*

    So I've been feeling pretty crappy for about a week, I've been really run down, sinus headaches and stuffy nose and trouble hearing and pain in my ears. Today I decided to finally go see a doctor. My PCP didn't have anything open and it was getting too late in the day to call my Hematologist to...
  12. drew_wymore

    IVIG therapy in autoimmune disorders

    Since my preliminary diagnosis of CVID, I of course have been researching my butt off. This week hopefully I'll have a confirmation. I would be heartbroken if it somehow ends up being negative. I digress however. The treatment for CVID is IVIG, which is Intravenous Immunoglobulin...
  13. drew_wymore

    Pillcam results are negative

    Nadda nothing showing up and the picture was very clear. So I'm getting blood panels done Tuesday and if my WBC is still high then off to the Hematologist I go. Maybe it's not Crohns? Heck I donno anymore.
  14. drew_wymore

    I hate the medical community right now

    So .. Blue Cross denied Pill Cam #5 ... I'm not really surprised. My GI is working with Given Imaging to see if they will donate one to me but she's not hopeful. So I emailed her and laid out my situation which is thus: I am on unemployment and I'm already on my "extension" which runs out in...
  15. drew_wymore

    It looks like they might have figured it out

    My GI had an SPEP panel done which checks immunoglobulin levels and my IGG/IGA levels are low which would lead to recurrent bacterial infections! I have an appt with my primary care provider tomorrow to discuss these results and see what it means for me. So I apparently don't have Crohns. Who...
  16. drew_wymore

    Wednesday really sucked

    Ok, so I had been waiting for results of my last capsule endo and I finally got them Wednesday afternoon. I would have posted yesterday but I mentioned I had some serious computer issues but I digress. Basically the study came back clean. No inflammation, no lesions/ulcers, no scar tissue, no...
  17. drew_wymore

    Going straight liquid

    I've been discussing this option with another forum member for a few weeks now. My last blood workup a few weeks ago showed I pretty deficient in almost everything or borderline low on everything. Since I stopped the Humira in February I'm back to feeling terrible. Not as bad as I was pre-humira...
  18. drew_wymore

    Update on me

    I had my capsule done last week and this week was spring break in Oregon where my GI is and he was on vacation so I won't have the results until next week. This is Capsule #4. At this point my GI has said ... If there is still inflammation and ulceration low enough in my small bowel we'll go...
  19. drew_wymore

    Pill Cam Vid

    It's short but shows anyone who might be considering or is scheduled to have a Capsule Endscopy aka Pill Cam what it looks like. I took a photo when I did my last one but I think this is better. I didn't show the harness as I was in a rush to get out of the doctor's office. I did learn that...
  20. drew_wymore


    Howdy Family! Well I went to my "pre-op" today and I don't have a date yet because they're wanting me to have another colonoscopy, I'm having one day after tomorrow .. so at least I don't have to wait long. I'm frustrated because the fooking surgeon said after the barium follow through that...