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  1. JaimeM


    Just wondering if anyone drinks Kombucha or makes kefir? Any improvements in your crohns, did it make symptoms worse? I discovered the store bought kind after my tonsil surgery and it seemed to help ease some of the pain in my throat (maybe just the amount of carbonation felt good? I'm not sure)...
  2. JaimeM

    Essential Oils

    So I'm new to trying Essential Oils and wondering if anyone else uses them and if they have any advice. I just recently had to do several antibiotics and I have a strong history of Cdiff so was very paranoid. One of my dr friends was talking to me about PB Assist from Doterra and how she uses...
  3. JaimeM

    So much pain today

    I'm not sure if it's the rainy weather or what today.. I've been feeling really good the last few weeks.. They reduced my imuran to 100mg/day as well as my remicade dose and that seems to be doing ok.. Well I got my period friday and that always messes with my crohns a bit... Then work has been...
  4. JaimeM

    Increased Liver Enzymes

    So I've been on Imuran for a month or so now.. (I'm also on Remicade) I've had my blood work every week. This week we found out my AST and ALT were elevated. They had my run a TMTP and thioprine levels I think. I won't know the results of these for a few days Has anyone had increased liver...
  5. JaimeM

    Remicade is a lifesaver!

    So a bit of my story... I was diagnosed in 2008 after a few years of symptoms. I was put on entocort for 6 months and then remicade.. Stayed on Remicade for 6 years, I did great on it.. I never had a major flare. Led a very normal life. In 2014 I became pregnant and had a healthy baby boy in...
  6. JaimeM

    A day to celebrate!!

    This is a little tmi. But I think it's really important to celebrate the things normal ppl take for granted. I've been very flared for over a year now and after a trip to mayo started taking Imuran 200mg. I started about 2 weeks ago now (will start my remicade back up next week) anyway with all...
  7. JaimeM

    Snack Ideas

    So.. I'm trying to lose some weight and manage my crohns with eating healthy yet not irritating things. I can handle small amounts of bread and small amounts of dairy. I can't do beef. I eat a lot of chicken and fish. I do some fruit as long as it doesn't have seeds and if I can peel the skin...
  8. JaimeM

    My mayo experience

    So I just got done with a week at mayo trying to get my crohns under control. Can I just say it was such a great experience! I felt they truly cared about my health and listened. I wasn't another patient and money wasn't a factor in my care. They totally reassessed me. So I had a ton of blood...
  9. JaimeM

    Referred to mayo

    Well after a few good days I started feeling pretty terrible again. My GI was able to get me in next week at mayo clinic in rochester. Kind of crazy to have to make plans that quickly. I am to report at 7am next week. Anyone else come from far away to be treated there? Any help on what to expect?
  10. JaimeM

    Sacroliitis relief

    So I'm not sure if anyone else has issues with their si joints (your way lower back where your pelvis meets your Sacrum) I know it's a common crohns thing but, mine has been terrible since having my son. When laying down they grind and pop(a really deep painful pop) I use heat but just wondering...
  11. JaimeM


    Hallelujah I'm starting to feel myself again.. Prednisone has me hungrier than an 8 month pregnant lady but that's ok.. Still having abdominal pain on my right side, but I'm sleeping through the night (well when I don't have insomnia) and have a fair amount of energy again. Bowels are still not...
  12. JaimeM

    Can't sleep

    Uhh I can't sleep tonight bc of this constant squeezing pain in my side.. I work in a few hours and have yet been able to fall asleep. I finally started eating fairly normal again and I'm starting to get "the pain" that we all know so well again. Such a bummer
  13. JaimeM

    Proteins advice needed

    So my lab work is showing my protein levels are low. So basically I'm not absorbing things well. Anyone have advice on getting an easily digested protein in me.
  14. JaimeM

    Feel like I might lose it today..

    I am kind of getting to that point of having a mental breakdown today lol. Maybe not really but I'm so tired of this.. So I've been sick since June of last year, had cdiff all that.. Took until October to get a fecal transplant. Felt good until around thanksgiving then just slowly started...
  15. JaimeM


    So does anyone else experience dizziness? It's not quite like the room is spinning but it's close. I feel fine as long as I'm sitting down but the moment I stand I just don't feel steady. I am in the middle of a flare, which includes diarrhea, and I have a new microperforation and fistula. I...