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  1. gotumtum

    close call

    Hi Everyone. Im back again. I have had what I hope is a close call, and just want to check in and get some ideas on what I should do next. Up tilI now I have been managing constipation with molaxole sachets on average 2 a day. I have just had a major issue - I assume a partial obstruction- air...
  2. gotumtum

    Info request on Thiamine testing and deficiency ( B1)

    Hi everyone Does anyone have any experience with b1 Deficiency? Or have any links to more modern information. My specialists are not very helpful/knowledgeable on this. I would value any information on the symptoms you had/have because of it, if it is an ongoing issue for you, - if you know...
  3. gotumtum

    Double colonoscopy prep? Shout out to those prepping in the next few days...

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone else has had to do a double prep ?( 4x pico salax over 2 days). I am up to 3x molaxole (macrogol) sachets a day now. Really not looking forward to it. I am really thankful I have managed to buy a large pack of toilet paper so think I am prepared... Thinking of...
  4. gotumtum

    A bit of a journey and back again

    Hi All Some of you may remember me from a few years ago. I have had an interesting journey over the last few years. I have collected diagnosis' along the way including Gallbladder issues (had it removed) Pancreatitis ( about 6x) which was eventually determined to be caused by Sphincter of oddi...
  5. gotumtum

    Gallbladder - Have you had yours out?

    Just wondering if you have had your gallbladder out, and if you regret it? My GI has suggested I have mine out, although I don't have stones and tests are negative. What are your experiences?
  6. gotumtum

    Has anyone had their gallbladder out on their way to diagnosis?

    So just wondering if anyone has had their gallbladder out? Has anyone had it out - for reasons other than gallstones? Do you regret it? Have you had problems with diarrheah since? I have been offered gallbladder surgery although testing is negative. It is hard to get a good idea of...
  7. gotumtum

    Has anyone else hit the wall? Brain Jenga?

    This post goes out to people who have too much on their plate to be sick as well - Oh wait - that is most of us. At the moment I am waiting for something to fail. - Probably me, but I have too much on my plate - and no choice really. My brain is not coping with everything, and I have had to...
  8. gotumtum

    Dry eyes - need more info on Vit A defiency

    Hey everyone - I am undiagnosed and have had eye pain. I went to the optometrist today and was diagnosed with dry eyes. (both eyes) She said I had a problem with both not enough tears and them draining too fast. She has given me some drops, and said there are other drop options and that we can...
  9. gotumtum

    What do we want? How do we get there? Can you make it happen?

    Soooooo IBD Huh... We still don't know all the ins and outs of this thing that is IBD. I thought I would start this thread in case someone reading this forum has the ability and money behind them to do big things. Really big things. So what do we need to get this sorted - a cure obviously...
  10. gotumtum

    Nominations for Phrase of the Month...

    LewisS for 'Designer Turd' Any others? Could be anyone - not just from this site - friends, loved ones, co-workers, doctors... Winner gets a certificate if I can figure out how to load it... Winner announced 1st September NZ Time Any votes accepted:) Moderators - please remove that bit...
  11. gotumtum

    Colonoscopy buddies anyone?

    Hi Everyone. Just thought I would leave a note here to say that I am about to start the colonoscopy prep process tomorrow...No food tomorrow, prep tomorrow night and Tues am and go in for scope for Tues 1pm. Trying to be brave - did this about 7 years ago so I know what to expect...
  12. gotumtum

    My Diagnosis diary

    I thought I would keep a bit of a diary on here so I can keep a track of my symptoms and where I am at, as I have the feeling that this won't be a short journey. Any encouragement is appreciated as I have trouble standing up for myself, and have low self esteem. So here goes... 22nd June -...
  13. gotumtum

    What being undiagnosed means for you

    I Thought I would add this thread as an offshoot of the Crohns one, for those of us that don't feel we could add to the "Full" Crohns version. What being undiagnosed means for me. Miscommunication and misdiagnosis 12 wasted visits to see medical professionals Wasted money Wasted time Pills...
  14. gotumtum

    Question about TNF inhibitors

    Hi - just wondering if anyone can help me here... I have been researching the anti inflammatory properties of Doxycycline. Several studies including... http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10787-011-0077-5?no-access=true Seem to suggest it has an anti TNF Alpha action. Not sure if this...
  15. gotumtum

    Symptom inconsistencies?

    Does anyone else have inconsistencies with their bowel symptoms? It is really doing my head in that one day I can eat a particular combination of foods and all hell will break loose (D, cramps, wanting to die with the pain etc) then another day can eat the same foods - no problems. WTH...
  16. gotumtum


    Found this really interesting info on Gout - the source is a bit random, but it explains it really well. http://www.lef.org/protocols/immune_connective_joint/gout_01.htm
  17. gotumtum

    Food fail - Uh oh - what about you?

    Um, So, I have just eaten a meat pie. Bad idea, going to be in trouble soon! And soooo tired, just want to sleep. That is not going to happen. May be sleeping on the toilet:( Anyone else have any major food fails lately - fallen off a diet bandwagon? My sympathies in advance!
  18. gotumtum

    Ways to cheer yourself up

    I thought it might be worth creating a reference for when people are feeling down and want some other ideas to give themself a boost. ( rather then eating things they shouldn't perhaps) Not sure if there is a list on here already? My ideas are: Go shoe shopping Go for a walk Take the kids...
  19. gotumtum

    Does anyone use an App?

    Hi Everyone Just wondering if anyone uses an App to track their test results / BM's extra symptoms etc? And which is the best one? I don't know much about this sort of thing, but need to start tracking some of these things to show to specialists and keep a record for myself. Thanks
  20. gotumtum

    Costochondritis - relationship with IBD?

    Does anyone know if the incidence of Costochondritis is higher in people with IBD? I suppose it would make sense if you are looking at inflammation in general in the body, but was just wondering? Um I have just had a look at my poll and it is a bit C**P! Feel free to alter the question /...