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  1. Layla

    Covid vaccine 3rd dose?

    I've found some very up to date data which covers the delta variant. These numbers are from the NZ government health site: https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/covid-19-novel-coronavirus/covid-19-data-and-statistics/covid-19-case-demographics#aug-2021 The data is from...
  2. Layla

    Covid vaccine 3rd dose?

    I assume you're using the "60% of serious cases" to prove that you're more likey to end up in hospital if you're vaxed? Of course what that data really says that in a country where 90% is vaccinated, the 10% that isn't is causing 40% of serious cases. Think about that for a minute please...
  3. Layla

    Stricture, Poor Diet, Healthy Ideas?

    I can also recommend soups. That's pretty much my only way to get some veggies. Easy to make; stock cube (or bone broth), water, courgette or parsnip (or whatever veg you like that isn't too fibrous), a potato (thickens the soup so it feels like you're eating something) and a clove of garlic if...
  4. Layla

    Water intake, should I be drinking more or less?

    Yes, I've been told to check the colour too and it's usually pale. I'm sure I'm drinking enough!
  5. Layla

    Water intake, should I be drinking more or less?

    Hi, I'm exactly the same as you and am just as conflicted :confused:. I drink a similar amount of tea and water as you also attribute the headaches to dehydration because that's how they feel and they go away when I hydrate. In my case the headache is definitely not from caffeine withdrawal as...
  6. Layla

    Low Cholesterol

    Have any of you experience with low cholesterol? I tried searching the forum but it ignored the word low so a bit pointless... My values are: HDL-C 0.87 (ref range 0.96-2.38 mmol/L) Triglicerides 1.39 (ref range 0.56-2.96 mmol/L) Cholesterol 3.07 (ref range 4.42-7.53 mmol/L)...
  7. Layla

    Experience with mannitol for mri contrast?

    I'm having an mri next week and after having a bad experience with Metamucil as contrast for a CT enterography I've asked what they will use for contrast for this mri and it's mannitol. Does anyone have experience with this? The Metamucil caused a blockage which led to a week long hospital...
  8. Layla

    Colonoscopy prep, why does it have to be sweet????

    Just drinking my second lot of Klean-prep which is salty/sweet with vanilla, ew! Why do they add the vanilla?? Or the sugar?? It just makes me more nauseous! I've taken the anti-emetic but I really do wonder why everything needs to be sweetened and flavoured. The psyllium I get on prescription...
  9. Layla

    Difference in symptoms between fissure and hemmie

    Hi all, I've had a fissure on and off for years now, the more D I have the worse the fissure plays up. I've recently started Humira and although it's not as effective as it was the first couple of weeks I still have less D and certainly less urgent than before. However the fissure is getting...
  10. Layla

    Diagnosed with UC in '94 then IBS now Crohn's

    First off I'd like to say I'm really glad to have found this forum, what a great resource! When I was first diagnosed in 94 there really wasn't anything like it and I had to resort to the medical library to find out more about what ailed me. And sorry to have written a novel but it feels good...