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  1. s.a.m.

    Ostomy - what made you decide to take that step ?

    I'm looking for advice. I've been on Remicade for 10 yrs. I have multiple fistula. I was hospitalized 2 months ago for abscesses, increased my Remicade and the abscesses are back 2 months later. I'm not sure what to do next as the surgeon previously stated my fistula are complex and I've already...
  2. s.a.m.

    Fistula - Branching

    Just wondering if anyone had suggestions or experience they could share regarding fistula branching. I'm trying to decide on going ahead with surgery.
  3. s.a.m.

    Alberta & Insurance

    I was wondering if anyone who resides in Alberta, or moved from another province to Alberta could provide any information on how their treatment has been covered (for Remicade) ?? I saw some other posts but any additional info would be great thanks !
  4. s.a.m.

    Remicade & Seton

    Just curious if anyone here had a seton placed after they had started Remicade, and if so, what your experience has been...
  5. s.a.m.

    Steroids-How Long?

    I am just curious how long all of you were on steroids for at each interval you took them or since you have been diagnosed?? I am a little concerned b/c I have been on them much longer than the original 10 weeks I was told when I started them. Not sure how worried about long term use I should be.
  6. s.a.m.

    Abscess eww

    Hey Everyone, I had surgery for an abscess on the left side approx 2 months ago which is giving me no trouble now although I was told its a fistula, and in the last few days have developed almost the same symptoms I originally had 2 months ago though on the right side. I have a doctor's appt...
  7. s.a.m.

    CCFC Spring Education Symposiums

    Just wondering if anyone is going. As long as I am not working next weekend I plan on attending. CCFC Spring Education Symposiums Saskatoon Halifax Toronto https://secure.ccfcfindthecure.ca/default.aspx?L=2&CCID=52&MSP=542
  8. s.a.m.

    Alternatives to Pred

    I am hesitant to take Pred. I have already tried Entocort. Any suggestions?
  9. s.a.m.

    Need Some Advice

    :) Hey Everyone, I just wanted some opinions, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, I still havent been offically diagnosed and have been waiting for a colonopscopy since late May. Waiting so long things have continued to get worse, although I dont go to the washroom usually more then 3...