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  1. DEmberton

    Ulcers in Neoterminal Ileum

    Yep. I had a colonoscopy about a year after surgery and had "ulcers in the Neoterminal Ileum", which is when they started me on Azathioprine. The next colonoscopy about 3 years later showed none, I'm pleased to say. I was told from the start that it likely comes back at the surgery site.
  2. DEmberton

    Being one of the vulnerable 1.5m in UK

    They've updated the advice (though it doesn't seem any different): https://www.bsg.org.uk/covid-19-advice/clarification-for-patients-taking-azathioprine/
  3. DEmberton

    Covid-19 & the 3 'risk groups'

    Podcast on the subect here if it helps anyone: https://www.theguardian.com/world/audio/2020/apr/07/covid-19-what-if-im-immunocompromised
  4. DEmberton

    Azatioprine side effects

    The worst I ever had was half an hour or so of nausea/dizziness after taking them, and that was the first week. Was that 8-weeks where you constantly felt like that - or just after taking them? I've been on 150,100,125 and now 150 again. I do notice that if I take the three in one go it makes...
  5. DEmberton

    Family history of Crohn’s.... anyone??

    No family history at all. Doctors always seem to be surprised by that.
  6. DEmberton

    Being one of the vulnerable 1.5m in UK

    Thanks for that. This is what I received via SMS: That was slightly alarming. I don't see how I am at high risk, and I'm not the NHS's problem anyway.
  7. DEmberton

    Low B12

    I had a blood test for some other reason that showed low B12, that the doctor didn't think was important, and about the same time in my life started getting lower right pain that was put down to IBS. Many many many years later (about 17) my "IBS" got worse and I was eventually diagnosed with...
  8. DEmberton

    To Aza or not to Aza.

    That is the question. Since surgery in July 2014 they've been threatening me with Aza, but my symptoms haven't been that bad so nothing has happened. The follow up colonoscopy after a year showed some ulcers around the TI join, and after that I was given Budesonide (Entocort) and then told to...
  9. DEmberton

    Prep day - hungry

    Colonoscopy tomorrow. I had my last meal 3 hours ago; I'm getting hungry already and it's at least 24 hours before I'm going to get to eat again. It's so hard to fight the temptation to have a snack.:( At least last time I was ill and didn't have much of an appetite. Being healthy makes it...
  10. DEmberton

    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    My Mum, Sharyn Clarke, died on 12th March 2015 from Motor Neurone Disease (ALS). Lighting a candle for her and everybody else affected by that horrid disease.
  11. DEmberton

    Woman with bowel disease writes open letter to tormentors who 'tutted' when she used disabled toilet

    This was on the telly this morning: http://sobadass.me/2015/02/17/to-the-woman-who-tutted-at-me-using-the-disabled-toilets/ Not sure why she has to be pictured in her underwear, but it is the Daily Mail. Sorry...
  12. DEmberton

    Not IBS

    My Story... My stomach problems started in my mid 20s. I spent a night in hospital with suspected Appendicitis after having abdominal pain and vomiting, but it was put down to food poisoning. But pain persisted, so eventually the doctor sent me for a gastroscopy (but curiously not a...