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  1. IofNewt

    Skin Tightness

    Just wondering if anyone who has had a resection still experiences that weird tightness where the incision was? Over a year later and my tummy skin still gets sooooooo tight. It isn't really painful, but it's really annoying. And since I still have a lot of numbness, i weirds me out bigtime. If...
  2. IofNewt

    Any chefs here?

    My boyfriend is a chef and as good as he is at his job, he is a little perplexed at how to cook for me, especially since my diet can change so often and so quickly. So I was wondering if there are any other Crohns folks who are chefs or live with chefs?
  3. IofNewt

    Sticky Medical Marijuana for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

    Since I don't really have any way to get a type with higher CBDs right now, I am mainly using so that I will eat a bit before bed. I have NO appetite and if left to my own devices, I will not eat, especially at work since I am usually busy and wouldn't even notice if I were to get hungry...
  4. IofNewt


    Does anyone know anything about this? My mom talked to some friend of hers who said I should look into this as his GF had similar problems to mine after a resection and that he's is shocked that my doctor didn't even mention this to me. This friend thinks I just have bad bacteria in my tummy...
  5. IofNewt

    Losing it a little

    Hi all, I am not doing very well lately. Generally, my symptoms have been vastly different in the past than they are now and it's freaking me out. Usually, my symptoms include constipation, nausea and severe lack of energy, but since my resection last year it's all diarrhea all the time and...
  6. IofNewt

    My turn...

    I've already posted in a few areas and I guess I should've posted here first, but I tend to do things backasswards. In the early 90's, I was diagnosed with IBS after a bout of constipation with the accompanying pain (only I didn't know it was constipation at the time). I was told to get more...