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  1. jnette


    The new (and greatly improved) GI clinic was wonderful! Unlike the previous one a couple months ago to which I shall never return. Went once and never again. Friendly, efficient, no waiting for three hours, really good experience. The PA was super nice, engaging, knew his stuff. Was going to...
  2. jnette

    Soooooo disappointed!!! 😒 😣😖😡

    Ughhhhhhhhh!!! (Major RANT) So I finally had my appt. at the new GI clinic and met my new doc. His disposition was lethargic, apathetic, disinterested, and overall a lifeless bump on a log. Like a toad. 😣😖🤢 To make matters worse, my previous GI office had only sent a few scraps of my ten year...
  3. jnette

    Back again!

    Wow. Back again. :dusty: It's been awhile! Like nearly four years? Geesh! Registered here after my initial diagnosis of Crohn's back in July of 2014. Was put on Azulfedine BID, and in a month or two, everything was honky dory. Seriously. Guess I thought I was 'healed'. :ylol2: Oh well...
  4. jnette

    So tell me more about strictures.

    Oh, how I do hate having to write about poops ! LOL Guess I'd better get used to it, though :( :tongue: So help me understand the strictures thing. From everything I've experienced the past two months, I would swear I've had (may still have) some serious stricture(s) going on. I actually...
  5. jnette

    Greetings. Another Newbie Here.

    So here I am… another unwilling member of the Crohn's Club. Boo Hoo.:( Diagnosed yesterday. Background history… IBS for 40+ years, since my early twenties. Got worse with each passing year. Have traveled all of Europe and the US and can point out every underpass, overpass, bridge, ditch, bush...