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  1. Diver jude

    Can't cope

    Hi all, I joined the forum some months ago and then went unto hiding unable to cope . I was diagnosed with crohns in Dec , haemmoraged twice resulting in blood transfusions and was told I have a recto vaginal fistula.and had seton stitch . Started humira infusions but on 4th infusion had...
  2. Diver jude

    Recto vaginal fistula

    Can anyone tell me what surgery might be done for a recto vaginal fistula, I have tried different meds ,and infliximab, which I had anyphilaxis shock on my fourth infusion, so now my doctor says surgery may be the best option .:sign0085:
  3. Diver jude

    Afraid to eat

    Hi all, I have tried to keep a log of trigger foods or reasons but it seems I suffer badly always when I first wake up , after every meal and in the night with diorrea , bleeding and pain. I was diagnosed with crohns in December and have a recto vaginal fistula , any advice :ybatty:
  4. Diver jude

    Anaphylaxis after fourth remicade

    I had my fourth remicade infusion and suffered anaphylactic shock and was hospitalised .i have suffered with horrific nausea and diorrea on all oral meds and now my doctor doesn't know where we go next .... Worried I may react to humira . I have a recto vaginal fistula and suffer with my crohns...