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    Loosing my Insurance, what are my options?

    Hi all, I have recently been told im going to loose my insurance. Although it was expensive (by my standards), it paid alot and the deductible was reasonable. Now im loosing my insurance, im at a loss on what my options are? I have severe Crohn's Disease, abnormal liver function, about...

    Liver problems and humira?

    I have been on Humira for less than a year. My latest blood work shows abnormal liver function. Never had a problem with this before humira. Anyone else have this problem? Starting to regret getting on this harsh drug.

    Now, back surgery

    Years of symptoms, DX in January. I have had my gallbladder removed due to crohn's disease. I have had colorectal surgery, due to crohn's disease. I think I have the imprint of my ass in my toilet seat, due to crohn's disease. I have had the embarrassment of crapping on side of the road...

    Vitamin deficiency

    Has anyone passed the blood work but still be vitamin deficient?

    Tingling in hands, Humira related?

    For about a week now, I have had issues with tingling in my left hand or all out going numb. Has anyone else on Humira had this problem. Not in my arms, neck or face so im betting its not a heart attack.

    Spondylitis anyone?

    After months of pain in my lower back, my GI had a CT SCAN ordered. After my spine doctor looked I had to have an MRI. Those results came back as degenerated and bulging disk with arthritis in my lower back. Seems like the crohn's disease is eating my body up. I go Wednesday to start a...

    Surgery next week

    Went to the colorectal surgeon today. Having surgery next Friday. Finally, they are going to take the razor blades out of my butt. They have been filling me up with antibiotics for 2 months with no avail. Looking forward to getting this done.

    So much pain

    Awaiting my colorectal surgeon appointment. Does anyone have any pointers for the pain. Cant stand. Cant sit. Have 2 fistulas I know about. Also after my exam from my GI, now I have a knot to go along with the rest. Has a heart beat to say the least. Thanks for any information.

    Avascular necrosis?

    Has anyone else had trouble with bone and Crohn's? I went in for a CT SCAN to see if I was going to have resection surgery. My terminal ileum is looking better so my GI is hopping the humira is working. BUT, I have avascular necrosis of femoral bone. I have been reading up on this and see...

    Another bad day

    Went for the CT SCAN today. The contrast fluid has me burning and cramping. Waiting on results for resection and 2 fistula surgery. Had another accident today. You would think after 35 years I could make it to the bathroom. Very un-dignified right now. Has anyone ever had a problem with...

    Fistula surgery, intestinal surgery in my future

    Just went to the doctor today. Great news. The Humira is not working. Have fistulas on top of that. Going tomorrow for blood work. Going Friday for a CT SCAN. GI DOCTOR is leaning on surgery for all my problems. Any insight? Anything I need to be worried about. Current meds: Humira...

    Another shot today

    Just started my single dose on the humira injections today. Still having the same side effects with one injection as the loader doses. Massive headache, put me to sleep within 10 minutes of taking the shot. Stomach cramps. After 7 injections I am not getting any better. I was hoping this...

    Prednisone and high blood sugar

    I have been on 40mg prednisone for 2 months. For the past month my blood sugar has been up and down to say the least. I have read that the prednisone can cause type 2 diabetes. Does anyone have an idea of how long and how high to let your blood sugar go until the doc needs to be called? My...

    Humira and insomnia?

    Does anyone have Insomnia on Humira? I just started my loader doses on Friday. After an hour, I was very sleepy but couldn't fall asleep. I cant sleep no more than 3 hours a night/morning. Thats making myself go to bed. I also have no pain relief. Stomach is cramping worse than normal...

    Started Humira Injections

    Did my first 4 injections today. Could not bring myself to do them in the belly after the way the first one felt. All 4 in the legs. Feel like I have been kicked in the legs by a horse. One hour after injections eyes are feeling heavy.

    Been Approved

    Getting nervous. The pharmacy called and they are sending my starter kit Wednesday. Thank God I only have to pay 5 dollars for the co-pay. I pray its the wonder drug most people say it is. How often do you need to have blood test ran to check your liver, check for cancer, etc.? Thanks...

    Financial help with humira

    Does anyone know if or what the financial aid stipulations are for the humira?


    Has anyone out there every heard of BIOMEGA ALOE VERA JUICE? If so have you taking it and what was the results? Thanks

    Humira test questions

    What can I expect from the test for humira? For the hep and TB?

    Humira questions

    Just talked with my doc. Going to start the paperwork on the humira injections. Im going from pentasa to Humira, is this normal to jump up in medication this fast? Only been on pentasa for 2 weeks with symptoms getting drastically worse. Is this something normal also for the pentasa not...