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  1. J

    Help getting medication

    Due to being sick all the time I had to go to part-time at my job recently. Because of this I've lost my health insurance through work. I'm trying to get on state Medicaid, but I've been denied once and I'm waiting to hear back from them again. My GI wants me on Humira. He's wanted me on it...
  2. J

    They say there's nothing else they can do!!!

    I've been having troubles getting any medication for my Crohn's since getting diagnosed last December. I work and have insurance, but my prescription insurance only covers 50% of my medications. My GI wanted me on Cimzia but insurance denied coverage. So then he tried Humira and insurance...
  3. J

    Thinking about filing for disability - questions

    So I'm thinking about filing for disability. I'm so frustrated with not being able to work much that I think this might have to be what I have to do, even though I'd much rather stay working. Here's a little bit about what I've been going through lately (I'll try to keep it short): I got...
  4. J

    Help! My tongue hurts!

    I'm not for sure if this is related to my Crohn's, but I've heard it can be. My tongue (mostly the middle to tip of it) is KILLING me! Ever since my hospital stay last week it has this raw/burning/PAINFUL sensation to it! Sometimes when I eat things it feels like it's about to burn off. It...
  5. J

    Treated unfair at work

    After being gone all last week from work, part of it spent in the hospital again, I come back to my first day and feel like I've been treated so unfairly that I'm looking for a new job as we speak. I worked in a multi-specialty doctor's office. Basically an office made up of about 12 doctors...
  6. J

    Should I go to ER??

    Okay I'm going to try to make this detailed enough but not too long. Last Saturday I started to get an URI. I went to a dr about it Monday and got put on antibiotics. I saw my GI on Tuesday, but I felt fairly fine so we didn't discuss much (still waiting on insurance answers for some meds)...
  7. J

    So many problems I don't know what to do

    Ever since my diagnosis in December I have been sick pretty much every day! And I'm getting other problems and diagnosis. A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with diabetes, and for the past few weeks I've been having high blood pressure problems. I was in the hospital again yesterday...
  8. J

    So glad to find others who "understand"

    I'm so glad that I found this site! I finally feel like I've found someone else out there who might understand what I'm going through. My story (so far...): In the beginning of December 2013 I started having some bad nausea, light-headedness and a little bit of vomitting. I am a nurse at a...