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    Exhausted on azathioprine, anyone else?

    Has anyone else suffered with extreme fatigue on azathioprine? I had surgery 2 months ago and was just getting over the fatigue from this (slow recovery). I started on 50mg per day for a week and then upto 150mg per day (been on for 2 weeks). I've tried taking it at different times of day, it...
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    Stricture- there must be a way to tell if it's inflammation or fibrosis??

    Hi, I'm newly diagnosed- I've posted 2 other threads also. I have a small intestine stricture. I've been offered either meds- azathioprine escalating to biologics if needed or a bowel resection. I've been told if the meds will only work if the stricture is due to inflammation, if it's fibrosis...
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    Fistula seen on MRI, surgeon says likely not...so what is it?

    Hello, As the title says, MRI shows fistula from small bowel to sigmoid colon. I also have a stricture and so had a surgical consultation. Surgeon says in is experience it turns out there is not a fistula, didn't answer why it would show as a fistula on MRI if it is, in fact, not there. He...
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    Do I really need surgery? Stricture but feeling mostly well. Anyone else felt like this?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and joined because I've never felt so conflicted or confused and I'm hoping to hear from anyone who could offer advice or info on their own experience.I'll try to keep this brief but hopefully with enough detail. I've summed up at the end! I was diagnosed with Crohns...