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    advice hi gal and gals havent been on here for some time, had my operation 1st feb for hemicolectomy , thinks that how you spell it was getting over this and then abcess on scar wound happened still having this packed and dressed every day, have some good days ,i dont know wot i was expecting...
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    update hi all go into hospital today and op to take place tomorrow, feeling really scared and anxious , had the stoma nurse yesterday to go through things with she was very nice and put my fears as ease, but got up this morning and there back, puttin brave face on for my hubby and my 3 kids...
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    Operation date

    operation date hi all just wanted to update that im gettin operated on 1st feb and going for my pre op this afternoon, emotions all over the place but im sure i will be fine, just want to thank everyone for the support i have received seen joining this forum, i think i would of gone mad ,will...
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    Surgery too take place soon

    surgery too take place soon hi guys and gals havent been on here for a while was told yesterday by the surgeon that i have too have surgery within the next 6 weeks, i was diagnose in sept last year and have lived on modulen and still on it, with a little food and aza,and thought i was doin so...
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    M r i scan

    m r i scan mornin all, just a little question having this m r i scan done on monday nite, and can anyone tell me if your whole body goes through this, with havin crohns have been told just the botom half goes through??this is for severe peri-anal discomfort doc reckons could be fistula...
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    Just been diagonsed with crohns x

    just been diagonsed with crohns x hi my name is sandra im 54 married with 3 kids all grown up, was diagonosed with crohns last month, been suffering a while and my doc thought maybe ibs,in out of hospital twice and sent home, still none the wiser, then i went to see gastro and they kept me in...