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    Thinking about Crohn's wrong has set patients back decades

    No labs, I just watch my symptoms--diarrhea, blood, a rash. Blood and rash are gone, diarrhea is sporadic, I think caused by certain foods. Almonds, ice cream, oatmeal all give me problems. I got the worst gastroenterologist; he didn't tell me much, didn't respond to phone calls or emails...
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    Thinking about Crohn's wrong has set patients back decades

    I'm reading "The Inflammation Spectrum" by Dr. Will Cole. I don't know much about him, just came across the book. Some of what he says makes a lot of sense, like, we each have personalized triggers; something that helps one person may harm another. His main elimination diet has you cut out...
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    Covid vaccine booster

    It was like the flu. Fevers, sore throat, cough, tiredness. Didn't ever feel like I needed to go to the hospital, didn't have breathing problems.
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    Covid vaccine booster

    I'm holding off on the 4th shot until a variant comes along that I'm likely to get. I already got Omicron (despite precautions), so I don't feel imperiled at the moment.
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    Can reintroducing carbs cause stomach upset?

    Old thread, I know, but... Different gut microbes digest different types of food. If you cut out a food group, those microbes die off. When you eat that food later, it doesn't get digested, and you have intestinal distress. If you take antibiotics, much of the gut biome gets killed off, and...
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    Crohn's and CBD

    So, regular marijuana edibles could help with Crohn's? It's legal here, maybe I'll try them next flare. Or would it be better to be proactive?
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    Headed to Mayo

    I assume you're not on Medicare, because Florida and Arizona Mayo Clinics don't take it. I wound up going to the one in Minnesota, for help with long-term post colon cancer surgery issues. I guess they weren't looking for CD, because they didn't find it. A local doctor diagnosed me a couple...
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    Staying covid free with IBD

    We were isolating in January; hubby did curbside pickup at the grocery store (while wearing an N95 mask), and had symptoms 2 days later. Couple more days, and I got sick. We both tested positive for covid. We were both vaxxed and boosted. I later read that omicron stays alive on surfaces...