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    Humira and methotrexate

    My daughter has been on Humira for about 14 weeks now. At 11 weeks she went to weekly doses. She is just the same, hasn't improved. She lost some weight, we got it back on her, the Dr suggested adding methotrexate injections. We were leaving on vacation and only got the pill form because we...
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    On to weekly shots

    My daughter is taking Humira, she has been increased to weekly injections. While she doesnt have much discomfort, she is very lethargic and seems sad like a wilted flower. She is pounding the calories, and we have stopped the weight loss and are beginning to gain. She is 12. We are currently...
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    5'3.5" and only 70lbs

    my daughter was diagnosed with Crohn's in July of '21. her last well child check was in June of '19 she was 4'10" and 74lbs. 2.5 years later she is +5" taller and only at 70lbs. two nights ago she pooped in her sleep, woke me at 5am in tears. she has been on Humira for 11 weeks now. we tried...