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    Chronic Hemorrhoids

    I have had hemorrhoids since January 2014. I didn't have a bowl movement for two days straight in Jan 2014 and I had a very rough bowl movement and have had hemorrhoids since. I had them before, but they disappeared after two weeks. This time around the hemorrhoids won't go away and causes pain...
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    Cellcur C4

    I have CD in the ileum and currently taking Lialda. I was wondering if any has had any experience with this pre-work out product? Are there any side effects that can occur while I am on Lialda? I have heard nothing put postive stuff about this and want to start taking it as I get back into...
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    Lost too much weight

    Hi, I'm 23/M/5'7 and vegetarian, been a vegetarian my entire life. I was about 150lb in Aug12 and wanted to lose my belly fat, so I started biking and hitting the gym on daily basis and now I weight 115lb. I might of over done it with my workout and would love to add 10-15 lbs. I believe I...
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    Recommend me probiotics

    I have C.D in my terminal ileium and its mild. So what probiotics should I be looking for? Thanks.
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    Just got back from my Colonoscopy

    Just had my colonoscopy today, my first one was in 09 when i got DX with Crohns. The good news is that my crohns hasn't spread its still in the ileum and its still mild YAY. Though he found some Aphthos ucler in the ileium so I am having a flare :( that's why the doctor decided to do a...
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    Colonoscopy this Saturday

    So I have my second colonoscopy, first one was in Sept of 09 when I first got D.X with Crohns in the terminal illieum. I am kind of nervous about the second time around because first time I had it done I didn't know I had anything wrong with me. The reason I got D.X the first time was I had come...
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    Best way to replenish electrolytes

    As the title suggest whats the best way? I've been working out and biking and only drink water, since June and only drink non-dairy milk. But maybe I should try other stuff to help replenish it as well. Should I drink Gatorade? I am not a big fan of it because it has tons of sugar. So any food...
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    T-cell Vaccination

    Found this on wikipedia while I was reading up on auto immune disease http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T_cell_vaccination Is any one pursuing this type of vaccine, might even be able to treat AIDS patient.
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    How much Vitamin D3 and B12 do I need?

    I got my results in from a blood test awhile back, never got around posting it. My test results say I am vitamin D insufficiency, the test was done by Shiel Medical laboratory. Reference value is 30-100 ng/ml my test showed L 11. This is how they broke it down Deficiency.......<10 ng/ml...
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    Isolated Event?

    About three weeks I had sharp pain in my right abdomen and I went to internal medicine doctor who said it might either be my crohns or appendicitis since terminal ileium is located right there or something? I've been diagonised with C.D in the small intestine, terminal ileium to be exact. I went...
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    How to keep a diet journal?

    How do you keep a food journal to see what foods are affecting you? Do you eat certain type of food one day- like lets say only wheat or whole grain food for one day and see if anything happen during the day or the day after? Then the next day you eat only vegatable based food and see what...
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    Lialda cost

    I was given a new prescription to Lialda from my new G.I doctor. And the cost for me now is $50.00, it used to be $15.00 for me, I have Empire Plan. The pharmacist said that Empire Plan had a coupon that brought it down to 15 and Empire plan no longer has such a coupon. Can anyone confrim this...
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    Sticky Stem Cells for Crohn's Disease and other IBD

    Can someone explain what this means?
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    Diagnosed in 09

    Hi, I was diagnosed in 09 with Crohn's disease in my rectum. Since then I haven't been treating it to optimal. I was on Lialda and took it when ever I had flare ups and would go off it. I would say my Crohns is mild, never had weight loss, fever or excruciating abdominal pain some diarrhea here...