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  1. Jim (POPS)

    Crohns pain with or without having a flair

    I was wondering about others in here that may have pain most of the time and how they deal with it. When I first found out I had crohn's I was in pain most of the time and when I told my GI about the pain he said that he will not treat the pain and I have to go to my PC Dr. Being I have spine...
  2. Jim (POPS)

    Doing well, thank you ALL for your support.

    I just wanted to check in as I haven't been around much. I feel bad that I haven't been around to support ALL my friends in this forum, but you see I have been doing so well in regards to my crohns I've been out having fun with my friends and family here in California. As some of you know I...
  3. Jim (POPS)

    Update om "missy42"

    As some of you know "missy42" has not been on the forum in the last few months. missy42 called me today and ask me to send everyone a note to tell how she is doing. About 2 months ago she went into the hospital because of her crohns and while she was there she started to have problums with her...
  4. Jim (POPS)

    Do you ever think like this??? I DO

    One day I woke up to go to work. I had an old VW big for a car and it had a hard time running sometimes, well I went outside to go to work and it had a flat tire, I was mad as all get-out. I went back in the house and thought "Now I can't got to work, and tonight I can't got to the "Pup, and...
  5. Jim (POPS)

    I have some Holister wafer's left over.

    Hi, I had a ilyostomy for 9 months and then had it reversed. I have 12 box's (5 per box) of cut to fit Holister wafers # 15602 that I would like to give to someone that is having a hard time with the cost of them. You must be in the USA and having a hard time with the cost of your supplys. I...
  6. Jim (POPS)

    When will I start to feel well again.

    Hi there, I just need to vent. I found out I had crohns in Nov. 2011 when they went to take out my apendix and found crohns and did a resection on the spot. About 7 days after my resection it begain to leak and they had to go back in and fix it and they gave me a ostomy bag. I had that for 9...
  7. Jim (POPS)

    Diarrhea after my reversal.

    I had a reversal 4 months ago and I've ben having "D" for about 2 months now. It started out with "D" for the first month and then calmed down for a bit (2 weeks) and then back to 5-7 BM's a day. I have joint pain also. Is this normal for this to happen?
  8. Jim (POPS)

    Iliostomy reveersal story

    Hello, I had my bag taken away on the 1st of Aug. 2012 and got out of the hospital on the 6th. Everything went well. If you read "MY STORY" you will see that everything that could have happen when they found the crohns did and it was a very bad story. BUT, this one is GREAT. I had the bag for...
  9. Jim (POPS)

    In ER with Blood from Stoma

    Talking about the ER, this morning I woke up and had blood come out of my colon and I have a ostomy bag, this should not happen, so I'm in the ER right now and they are going to take a CT and see whats up. I HATE IT. It's been 5 months to the day I had my resection and I think I have a fustla...
  10. Jim (POPS)

    15+ years of the big D and they just told me I have Crohn's

    Hi, my name is Jim but all my friends call me Pops, not because I'm 61, but when I was touring with my band from 1980 through 1988 I was the Leader and always on they guys about stay'n out to later, drinking too much and not letting them drink or smoke before they went on stage, they said that I...