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  1. Crohn's gal since 1989

    Biosimilars good or bad?

    So my insurance is no longer willing to cover the costs for my Remicade. They want me to switch to a biosimilar. It makes me kind of angry that the insurance company is trying to dictate my health plan. I have been in a nice long remission with Remicade and worry a change in treatment plan...
  2. Crohn's gal since 1989

    So completely annoyed with my GI!

    Sorry I need to vent: I saw my GI in March, everything was great, at the time I didn’t realize that my Cholestrymine prescription did not have enough repeats to make my October appointment. Since the end of May I have been trying to get ahold of his assistant to get repeats for this...
  3. Crohn's gal since 1989

    Remicade or Humira?

    Hi everyone, my GI has decided to move me forward with Remicade or Humira. He told me I could decide which drug . Remicade was my initial choice, but my health plan calls it a tier 2 drug and will not cover it until the teir 1 drug, in this case Humira is unsuccessful. Where I live I can get...
  4. Crohn's gal since 1989

    Back in the hospital AGAIN!

    Well after 6 weeks of virtually symptom free Crohn's, I had to go off the birth control patch for my period and I end up in the ER! So far I've spoken to the doctor, had an X-ray and am now Hooked up to IV and morphine. Thank heavens the pain is finally subsiding. I had to leave work at 10:15...
  5. Crohn's gal since 1989

    Weird chest cramp

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone was experienced a chest cramp on their right upper quadrant. It happens to me 2-3 times a week and the only way to make it stop is to straighten up as much as possible. The cramp seems to come most often when I am hunched over on the toilet during a BM...
  6. Crohn's gal since 1989

    Is it LRD or Prednisone?

    Hi everyone. GI has got me a surgical referral and it looks like my stricture will be removed some time at the end of October!:dance: I've been advised to follow a low residue diet until then, which I began this past Wednesday. I am also tapering off Prednisone current dose changed from 10 mg...
  7. Crohn's gal since 1989

    Does anyone keep a bag packed just in case?

    After my second hospitalization in 3 months my GI feels that I need to surgically remove a stricture that is causing me to get obstructions at the terminal ileum. The last time I was on vacation at my cottage and had to go to the ER of the local hospital. My GI has instructed me that I need to...
  8. Crohn's gal since 1989

    Stricture in the terminal ileum surgery question

    Hi everyone, Well after an exciting week in the hospital for an obstruction in my terminal ileum last week, my GI has concluded that I have a "cold" stricture that needs removing. He is looking at having 10-14 cm of my small intestine removed. This was decided late today, so I have not met the...
  9. Crohn's gal since 1989

    20+ years of Crohn's

    After 9 consecutive months of diarrhea, I got a referral from my GP for a GI. After ultrasound, upper and lower GI X-rays I was told I have Crohn's in the terminal ileum. I was put on asacol, when I was flaring so badly, I could see pieces of my asacol tablets in the toilet. Fast forward to 10...