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  1. duh panda

    Is there a possessive for the word "Crohn's"?

    I'm working on a formal essay submission and need input. I figure, if anyone would know it's someone here. Grammar buffs, I NEED you. Would the possessive of Crohn's be spelled Crohn's'? Or just left Crohn's? Sentence I need it for: "No aspect of my life was left untouched, and my loving...
  2. duh panda

    Dear IBD-ers, You Have Rights Here's my story and why I exercise them regularly

    I'm not an attorney, but I have worked on the sidelines in the legal world. YET... At 21, I found myself disclosing more information to employers, friends, co-workers and acquaintances then I was comfortable with. What my appointments were for. My disappointment over less then desirable test...
  3. duh panda

    How do you work together with Crohn's: Crohnies and Caretaker voices alike

    I'm wondering how you caretakers and crohnies alike work together and independently to manage disease. I'm especially curious to hear from those whose day-to-day disease management is primarily reached within a romantic relationship but would love to hear from all. Any tips, tricks or methods...
  4. duh panda

    Mindful Eating and Crohn's?

    As I was working on a blog post this weekend on mindful eating to support a 16 week yoga challenge I've been putting together I realized just how much this aspect was centered around my crohn's. I figured it would be appropriate to start a thread here, see if there's anyone else who practices...
  5. duh panda

    How do You Cook for Yourself AND healthy individuals in the family?

    Here's the lowdown. I have crohn's but the 3 men I live with do not. They all work long hours and have strong fitness routines. One's a career marathon runner, and the other 2 are avid when it comes to fitness as a lifestyle and are constantly lifting weights/ cardio training/ etc. They all...
  6. duh panda

    Cimzia with acute Crohn's and Active Erythema Nodosum

    I just took the second loading dose for Cimzia after failing Humira after a solid year of success and another year of denial and increasing infection. The last 10 months I've had erythema nodosum and have had to be on crutches for periods of time due to inability to support my weight due to the...
  7. duh panda

    New to the Forum - never found remission since diagnosis, but keeping hopes high

    Hello! Never really been a member of a forum before, but I figure what the hell, why not! I was diagnosed with Colitis and Crohn's disease at the cusp of 16 years old after hiding symptoms of blood, black out pain, etc. for nearly a year. After two months in the hospital I spent nearly two...