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  1. J

    Ok so this is weird!

    I've had a shocker 5 months. Massive flare last Nov, have been on Prednisone since then trying to get my UC under control. (well actually they now think its Chrons) anyhow...... Pred didn't seem to be doing the trick so my GI put me in on Wednesday to have another colonoscopy to see what was...
  2. J

    Will I lose weight if I have surgery?

    I know the obvious, having to fast etc prior to surgery will make me shed a bit of weight BUT is there any dramatic weight loss until one feels better? I'm just concerned as I'm still tossing up whether to have surgery (I'll be having the whole large bowel removed if I do); I'd only like a...
  3. J

    Having an absolute shocker!

    Feeling very down over the past week. Long story short I flared last Nov, hospital visit, haemorraged, blood transfusion etc. Luckily no surgery then. Have been on Prednisone since then and it's doing my head in. I have been on and off Pred for 8 years and my GI has actually said to me that this...
  4. J

    Quick Question re JPouch

    I'm reading up on J-Pouches and it stated this point below. * Six months after having surgery, most people can expect about five to six semi-formed bowel movements during the day and one at night. The pouch takes up to one year to fully adapt. In most patients, functioning of the pouch...
  5. J

    How long did your surgery take?

    For those that have had full large bowel removal, how long did your surgery take? What was the prep for it? Cheers, G
  6. J

    Anyone tried Chinese Herbal Medicine?

    Long shot I know BUT I guess I have to look at all options. I ran into a friend last night who said she was close to having a hysterectomy b/c of continuous heavy bleeding, fistulas (lots of long, long years of women issues with her) etc. Western Doctors said hysterectomy, she was then cooed in...
  7. J

    Having a rough day.... just a vent really!

    I've had a pretty rough few weeks and I think today it's all just hit me. Just having one of those days. The prednisone is playing with my body something chronic. I was going to try and go into work for a few hours (1st time back since 3 weeks) BUT I don't even think I should drive I feel that...
  8. J

    Medication AFTER Proctocolectomy

    What medication do you take after you have surgery? I'm heading toward Restorative Proctocolectomy if god is kind to me. I'm guessing some sort of pain killer for a start but is there anything else? Thx
  9. J

    Had the ambulance here yesterday :(

    Ok, so after my week in hospital and being drugged to the hilt and allowed to come home I had a bit of a turn yesterday and mum had to call an ambulance. I was sitting quietly at my computer, all of a sudden felt faint, got up, went and lay down, heart rate shot up, I started shaking, my BP...
  10. J

    Are you glad you had Surgery?

    I've had a hell of a flare the past week (see my sig) and don't have too many options left to keep my body from behaving. Either have to try MXT or surgery (removal of bowel - either internal pouch or external, not sure this is all the things I need to start thinking) For those that have had...
  11. J


    I have a few questions re. MXT as I have to seriously weigh up the pros and cons of this or surgery. My GI isn't keen to put me on it as he doesn't like the drug BUT he's happy to give it a go if that's what I choose. Running out of options here. * Side effects, is there anyone out there that...
  12. J

    My hospital hell

    Well from my previous threads some will see that I ended up being admitted into hospital last Wednesday. Far out what a flare and what a scare :( Last week the pain I was getting was so bad, I couldn't eat and when i did it would make me cramp over, moan with pain and make me heave. Doctor...
  13. J

    The Cramping is unbearable - HELP

    I'm having a pretty rough trot here. I'm flaring again, GI away for 4 weeks but back Tues thank god, I have no back up GI. I put myself back on the Prednisone 3 weeks ago to try and settle things down, which the blood has settled BUT the cramps I am getting are god awful. They are the worst...
  14. J

    So Much Blood - Sorry TMI

    I'm currently flaring again which just sux. This time round though the blood seems so much worse. Like heaps! My GI is overseas for another couple of weeks so I can't chat to him. I am on iron tablets etc, but if this doesn't settle down should I see my GP? I'm a tad concerned as i haven't had...
  15. J

    I'm so over it :(

    Once again I'm flaring, will there ever be a year when I don't have to deal with one. :( I'm so sick of the side effects I get from Prednisone, the shakes, the depressive feelings, the tears, the moodiness (which is not fair on my hubby and small kids) I'm so sick of spending money on...
  16. J

    Coming off Prednisone

    I've been on Prednisone for 6 months; started at 50mg at the beginning of the year with a sign of a flare and have been tappering down to nothing. Was on 2.5mg for the past month so came off it pretty slowly. I've been off it for about a week now and i feel terrible. I'm extremely tired...
  17. J

    Next stop Methotrexate :(

    Trying to get some views and experiences on Methotrexate. For those that are on it how have you found it? Do you have to take it with any other medications? Have you had any side effects? Does your body eventually build a resistance to this drug & then you end up on an even stronger one? I...
  18. J

    Allergic Reaction to Imuran

    Hi guys, New to this forum, but stoked I have found it :) I was recently put onto Imuran (4 weeks ago). The beginning of this week I got what I thought was the flu; but it wasn't subsiding. I had a high fever mainly at night, severe aches in my back, neck and legs, headaches, shakes etc...
  19. J

    New to this Forum - Ulcerative Colitis for 8 years

    Hi guys, I'm suffer from Ulcerative Colitis; have had it for 8 years. Symptoms were quite mild initially; I was first diagnosed when I was pregnant with my first baby. Have had 2 big flares, one hospital visit, no operations (touch wood) Currently take: 4 x 1g Pentasa Granules in the morning...