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  1. skittle

    Mercaptopurine side effects - tremor?

    Hey guys. I'm on mercaptopurine, pentasa and prednisone for crohns ileitis. I've been on abd off pred since Feb and now they're saying I'm steroid dependant. Over the last few days I've been feeling nauseous and then yesterday and today I've had this strange tremor in my chin?! Are these...
  2. skittle

    Aches and pains coming off prednisone?

    I've been tapering off from 30mg pred over the last few weeks. Am now down to 5mg. Today I've had most horrible aching in my lower back and legs/thighs/knees etc. Plus overwhelming fatigue. Is this normal when coming off?? I'm also on pentasa and mercaptopurine but have been fine on those so...
  3. skittle


    I saw the GE today as the pentasa I'm on isn't working. He's put me on mercaptopurine at a low dose because I have a low enzyme level. I'm also staying on the pentasa and currently on prednisone as well. Am interested to hear others experience with the mercaptopurine.
  4. skittle

    A sign of meds not working?

    Hey guys. So I was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago. I was put on 30mg prednisone and pentasa. Was on 30mg for 2 weeks and then started tapering weekly. I'm now down to 5 mg prednisone. I've had no pain but have noticed since I've been going down thar my tummy gurgling noises are back (it's sooo...
  5. skittle

    Night sweats!

    This has been one of my major symptoms. I suffered from night sweats for months, thoyght it was my antidepressants. Started getting unwell. Got diagnosed with UC. On pentasa and prednisone for 2 weeks now. Since being on the meds the night sweats are even worse! I'm waking up all night...
  6. skittle

    What to expect? Newly diagnosed

    So I've posted before about being recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, could still be crohns but at this stage the specialist is treating it as UC as ge says the treatment doesn't differ between the two in the beginning. I'm on prednisone for 6 weeks and pentasa as well. The prednisone is...
  7. skittle

    Is alpine tea (senna tea) ok to use?

    Is it OK to drink senna/alpine tea to help relieve constipation from medication when you have ibd? I'm talking a cup every few days
  8. skittle

    First time on pred - is this usual?

    This is my first time on prednisone as I've only just been diagnosed. Started on 30mg last Friday and was pain free the last few days (it's now Monday here). Then today the pain is starting up again. Is this usual?
  9. skittle

    Alternative and supplemental therapies

    I'm wanting to talk to people who do other things aside from just medication to help them stay in remission. I'm going to start acupuncture and I'm keen to know what other things people have found helpful with crohns or UC. For instance, my mum who has been battling stage 4 melanoma has found...
  10. skittle

    Prednisone or Pentasa side effect?

    I started 30mg if prednisone today along with pentasa. For the first time in months I haven't had abdominal pain! Hooray! Except I have felt quite nauseous and my legs, knees and hips are aching. Are these known side effects attributed to either of these?
  11. skittle

    A diagnosis of sorts

    Saw my specialist today. He's diagnosed me woth ulcerative colitis at this stage, though he says it could be still crohns but that at this beginning stage of treatment it doesn't matter as treatment is the same. He's put me on pentasa and prednisone and will do a small bowel mri to check for...
  12. skittle

    What is the typical first step for treatment?

    I'm seeing the specialist on Thursday and I'm 99% sure I have crohns. I'm wondering why to expect from this appointment. I'm in daily pain, extremely intense and to the point of vomiting. What do most specialists do once diagnosed? Do you have a range of medication for different symptoms? Is...
  13. skittle

    Symptoms attributed to IBD?

    Just curious, are any if these symptoms attributed to IBD? Should I bother mentioning them to the specialist when I see him or does it just come woth the territory? * Night sweats * Joint pain (knees in particular) * Numb hands and feet occurring quickly while resting * Jaw clenching *...
  14. skittle

    Test interpretation?

    I got emailed the results of my (limited) colonoscopy and gastroscopy. Can anyone help me understand a little further what the results may indicate please? Thanks SPECIMEN LABELLED: 1) DUODENUM 2) ANTRUM 3) DESCENDING COLON BXS 4) SPLENIC FLEXURE 5) SIGMOID BXS 6) RECTUM MACROSCOPIC...
  15. skittle

    Colonoscopy fail

    I'm so embarrassed and upset. I went for my colonoscopy and gastroscopy today. I did the prep to a tee, and suffered for hours and hours yesterday with the prep. They did the gastroscopy fine but when they came to the colonoscopy, my bowels hadn't cleared out properly (despite taking all the...
  16. skittle

    Urgent referral for ct scan

    Hey guys. I'm in the process of getting diagnosed. I finally saw the gastroenterologist last week and he's ordered an urgent ct scan of my pelvis, abdomen and chest which I'm having in 2 days. He's also ordered a colonoscopy which is booked for Dec 30th. As well as those, he's ordered a barium...
  17. skittle

    Undiagnosed - after advice

    Hi everyone. I'm a 32 year old female currently awaiting diagnosis with SOMETHING! I have coeliacs disease and have been strictly gluten free since diagnosis 7 years ago. For the last year or so I habe started having bowel issues - alternating between diarrhea and constipation, feeling like...