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  1. StarGirrrrl

    Been MIA for some time- still no diagnosis.

    Hi folks, after an extended break due mainly to personal issues I am back on the forum, yay :dusty: Still no diagnosis though :voodoo: Since August I have been symptom management with the Fatigue service (fairly useless) and Pain service (fairly useful, due to start last option, special...
  2. StarGirrrrl

    Life after Pred

    So I took my last Pred pill Wednesday, my dose was as follows: 30mg for 2 weeks 25mg 5 days 20mg 5 days 15mg 5 days 10mg 5 days 5mg 5 days 39 days in total. Had the normal range of side effects, weight gain,moods, night sweats, ravenous hunger etc, they increased when I started to taper...
  3. StarGirrrrl

    Different steroids

    So I am on Pred at the moment, day 9 of 39, 30mg for 2 weeks then taper down 5mg less for 5 days at a time. Does not appear to be working. Aza has been suggested by Rheumy for after the Pred, would it even work if Pred doesn't? I think the most i can hope for at this point is an improvement...
  4. StarGirrrrl

    Help with medicine instructions!

    Have got to take 2x day Calceos with my pred, and I have found the instructions a little confusing. "Do not take Calceos Chewable Tablets within two hours of taking food" So, does this mean no tablet in the two hours before and two hours after food? So tablet at 10am, no food 8-12 etc? If...
  5. StarGirrrrl

    A new pred patient.

    Going to start in the next few days a trial of pred (and calcium supplements): 30mg for 14 days 25mg for 5 days 20mg for 5 days 15mg for 5 days 10mg for 5 days 5mg for 5 days 39 days total. And i'm very anxious about it, any advice/tips would be welcome!
  6. StarGirrrrl

    UK IBD services Hospital Audit.

    An IBD care standards survey of around 200 Hospitals in the UK: http://www.nacc.org.uk/content/ibdaudit.asp See how your Hospital measures up! Mine has not performed well which is not a great surprise to me :rof:
  7. StarGirrrrl

    Latest pearls of wisdom from GI.

    Well today went like all my other appointments, such a dissapointment :( Ultrasound of gallbladder, kidneys and liver was normal. CT scan of abdomen, chest and pelvis was normal- gutted, I really thought that would find it. :confused2: When I brought up the black tarry stools and blood in...
  8. StarGirrrrl

    Withdrawal Symptoms?

    As I have seen several posts on Amitriptyline I figured it would be okay to post this. I've been on the drug for 4 years now, for the majority of the time at 10mg a day. I had my last one on Wednesday as GI said to stop- yes I clarified and I was told I could stop right away (for the kind of...
  9. StarGirrrrl

    Seeking a second opinion, looking for recomendations!

    So it's clear I need to go to another Hospital for an unbiased view. I live in the UK, in Suffolk, so would be looking to go to London, Essex, Cambridge, East Anglia etc. If you have a good consultant who doesn't mind a difficult case i'd love to hear about it! (I know I can ask to go to a GI...
  10. StarGirrrrl

    Latest GI appointment, goodness me.

    I won't repeat myself again as most of you have read my other posts and you've read my concerns as to the "treatment" I have been recieving from my GI. Well to say I am livid is an understatement. He went through the Pill Cam issue, apparently he had a conference with all the other GI's and 2...
  11. StarGirrrrl

    Latest GI appointment, round and round in circles (warning, long!)

    Well went back today following my last appointment 2 weeks ago. Here's what happened. He had not heard back from Rheumatologist (which is a shame since he at least is convinced it's IBD) and the Lupus antibody tests were not back yet (had to be sent to another Hospital as they don't do those...
  12. StarGirrrrl

    The latest- no answers yet.

    Hi, Well I don't feel any further along but suppose I am. Colonoscopy fine as you know and for the bloods as usual only abnormality is the CRP. Barium appeared fine according to the radioligist's report. But GI is not giving up and seemed more emphasis on CD and not so much on IBS this time...
  13. StarGirrrrl

    Best whingy, pathetic FB status updates.

    So, the consensus seems to be that alot of us like Facebook for reconnecting with friends, nights out (when we are able) etc. But I see alot of frustration at silly, end-of-world status updates from our friends. So, let's hear 'em! Friend 1 (now off newsfeed), winter "Grrrr fookin weather...
  14. StarGirrrrl

    An update

    Hi Everyone, just wanted to update you all :) My biopsy results are back and being faxed to my GP so I will get them at my appointment Monday. Although I have had positive test results and not been called in in the past, I am pretty sure they will come back normal. They were "On Dr I's desk...
  15. StarGirrrrl

    Colonoscopy, mixed messages.

    Hi everyone, am knackered so if I miss something out, sorry! Started prep yesterday and decided nothing can taste viler than Klean Prep, took the first 2 litres in 4 hours (don't know how I got it all down, even with squash and drinking through a straw!) As I was running mainly empty I got up...
  16. StarGirrrrl

    Single people- we do exist!

    Am I the only singleton who gets fed up with schmaltzy " I love my fella" or "All I want for Christmas is something tall, cuddly,strong and handsome with a sprinkling of tattoos and a temptingly sweet centre. Oh, I already have that :d" Status updates on facebook?? Oh and the moaning they may...
  17. StarGirrrrl

    Different Colonoscopy preparations

    Having had my instructions, and confirming a few things on the phone, I was surprised to find my Colonoscopy prep not as complicated as I have come across on here. Have had flexible sig before but my first (and doubt it'll be last!) big C. So, would love to find out where you live and how...
  18. StarGirrrrl

    I have a date!

    I have a scope date! Got a letter through for my colonoscopy at last! Wednesday 22nd December at 2pm. The very last day I could do in December due to time of the month! Not a day Mum can come with me but Nan will and I also have a friend on standby. Instructions not as complicated as I...
  19. StarGirrrrl

    Mouth Ulcers!

    Anyone know of a prescription treatment available in the UK? I am really suffering with mouth ulcers, they are either great sore lumps on the top of my jaw, or nasty round ulcers on my tounge/inside lip. I've found bonjela very good in the past but these days it doesn't touch the lumps and...
  20. StarGirrrrl

    You have IBS (even when it's clear you don't!)

    As someone who was told I had IBS 3 years ago, after consistent inflammation found in blood tests and night attacks/sweats (dismissed after normal flexible sig endoscopy), and again now when I have joint pain, still inflammation, abdominal pain, positive WBC scan and horriffic night attacks, I...