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  1. Grotbags

    Salts Dermacol

    Does anyone use these and can offer any tips on applying them please ?. I have some samples to try to see if they will sort out the small bit of irritated skin at the bottom of my Stoma.
  2. Grotbags

    Lichen Planus

    Anyone else been diagnosed with this ?. I've had this intensely itchy patchy rash for the past two months, finally a different GP gave me a diagnosis yesterday. Thankfully it tends to resolve itself , is immune related ( surprise surprise ), occurs mainly on the wrists, elbows and ankles, I also...
  3. Grotbags

    Ileostomy and smoothies

    I've decided to invest in a Nutri Ninja to get more fruit and veg in my diet, but I'm a bit confused how safe it is. I've read on another forum someone ended up in hospital with the mother of all blockages from consuming smoothies, although they seem to have gone a bit overboard with them. There...
  4. Grotbags

    Mouldable rings

    I use mouldable rings, great things they are too. But, I find the ones I'm using which are Secuplast ones, don't last very long. I could quite easily go two days between pouch changes, except the rings are starting to break down by the second day and I will have a wee red bit on my skin. Have...
  5. Grotbags

    Bit of a blockage ?

    Last night I woke up with moderate cramping, mainly round my belly button, a bit of massaging seemed to move it on, but the general gripy stomach remained, I also felt very slightly queasy. Although I did have some output during the night, it wasn't anything like the normal amount. This morning...
  6. Grotbags

    White Rose

    Has anyone ordered stuff from White Rose ?. I ordered quite a bit from them on the 14th of Dec, and still nothing in the post, I've just e mailed them, but wondered if they were always this slow, or if my stuff has gone missing again. If it has gone missing, then someone at Cuper PO is stealing...
  7. Grotbags

    What's yours called ?.

    I never thought I'd end up naming my stoma, but I have !, I thought it was a bit like men naming their tackle :ylol2: His name is .......drum roll.......Squirter McWhirter , and I'm rather fond of him :kiss: So what's yours called..if anything ?.
  8. Grotbags

    Passing mucous

    I know that passing small amounts of mucous is normal after an ileostomy if you still have a stump, but I noticed this evening that the mucous on the loo paper had a slight brownish tinge. Is this normal ?. Unfortunately the Stoma nurses don't work night or at the weekend, so I can't ask them.
  9. Grotbags

    Convatec mouldable pouches

    Well I thought I was happy with the Coloplast Sensura, but today I've been trying Convatec's mouldable jobs, my gast is well and truly flabbered !. I can't even feel I have it on, I'm just a bit leery of trusting it though, I've had such success with the Sensura leak wise. Hopefully it will stay...
  10. Grotbags

    Is melon generally safe ?.

    I know a lot of fruits are out, and as I have only had my ileostomy a few weeks, I need to be doubly cautious, but I thought melon could potentially be ok ?. Obviously I'd only try a tiny bit to start, getting a bit sick of bananas.
  11. Grotbags

    45 degree Stealth Belt

    I have been reading some of the Stealth Belt reviews, but haven't seen any for the 45 degree belt, I ordered one last week, obviously haven't received it yet, but I'm hopeful it will be a success. Just wondering if anyone has tried this variety ?. It seems to me, the 45 one would be a good...
  12. Grotbags

    Night time loo visits

    Hi. I'm a newbie to living with a stoma ( three weeks ), judging by some of the stories on here, I've been incredibly lucky with mine, as I was out of the hospital after six days, hardly had any pain post surgery, and have already accepted living with a stoma. However, the one fly in the ( poo )...
  13. Grotbags

    Howday !

    Hi. Just joined today, although been a lurker on and off for a while. My name is Jane, I'm 48 and have lived with Crohn's for 26 years. Just over three weeks ago I had my entire colon removed and fitted with an ileostomy, I am now totally drug free, and feeling fantastic !.