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    Pregnancy and Combination Theraph

    I probably should be posting this in the pregnancy section but afraid not everybody will see it. Im currently taking 40mg of humira weekly and also on 25mg of 6mp daily. As there is very little patients on combination therapy in my region my crohn's doc is very very reluctant about the...
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    Going on holidays with low WBC

    hey all I just got bloods back today with wbc 2.7. I have to have routine bloods every two weeks because my TPMT level is low for 6mp. Anyway I am concerned about the wbc being low as i am going to spain for 10 days. Also by GI did say that if my wbc dropped id have to come off 6mp :( any of...
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    Low TPMT levels and 6mp

    Any of you out there have low tpmt levels and allowed to stay on 6mp. I am very nervous, this morning I got a call from my GP saying my TPMT levels came back low which put me on a high risk of being too supressed on this drug. I had the test sometime in late january, it took ages to come back...
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    Iron Infusion

    Hi I am going for my first iron infusion monday week as my hg is 9.6 and my gastroentrologist thinks i am not absorbing enough iron from tablets. just wondering how long does it take to work, i am suffering with fatigue and generally feeling ran down. crohn's is currently under control since...
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    6mp nausea when did yours start?

    Hi chums I have recently started 6mp 50mg about 2 weeks ago. I am also on Humira which I have been on for about 18 months or so. The humira was starting to loose its affect so my doctor put me on steroids tapering from 40mg every 10 days and started me on 6mp a few weeks later. Now I am...
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    Field Control Therapy

    Just wondering if any of you heard of this and whether you think there is anything behind it?
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    Just what is it about having Crohn's!

    Hi all This is just a complete general rant. But I am sick of this disease and how people out there really don't have a clue what we go through on a daily basis. It's not there fault but it really can be 'but you look fine' kind of a disease. Do ye find that when it is not active, you...
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    GAPS Diet

    Hi Sorry I know there is a probably a thread on this already. I've started the GAPS diet thinking I was doing a very good thing for myself. But now I am worried after reading countless articles saying the whole thing is 'quackery', and a money making racket. I really hope that is not the...
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    Pen or Syringe what's your preference?

    Hi all Just wondered if you think the pen or syringe is easier. I started with the pen, and accidentally my pharmacist gave me the syringes for a few doses and I went back to the pen again but the loud click freaks me out so much and I do think it is sorer than the syringe what about you?
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    Sore Throats

    Hi Everyone Ive started Humira since mid-feb. Just wondering if any of you were experiencing bad sore throats? In the last four weeks I have got 2 really bad sore throats and have had to go on antibiotics, I have my second one now. I never got sore throats this bad until I started Humira, I...
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    IV Steroids

    Hi all I'm in the middle of a flare and after having a sigmoid colonoscopy I am being admitted tomorrow for IV steroids and humira. I was on remicade and it worked so well but then after 9th or 10th infusion I reacted after 3 mins and they had to stop. Turns out I have built up anti bodies...
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    Flare after 8 Treatments

    Hi All Haven't been around for a while because I have doing so great and was back to normal, working etc. but have started to flare after 8 treatments, quite out of the blue. I am worried now that remicade has lost its effect :( I had out of date predsol enemas in the press, I tried this as...
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    Pins and Needles and Joint Pain after 7th and 8th Influsions

    Hi All First off, just like to say I haven't been here for a while so to update you all I have been taking Remicade and it literally gave me my life back. I started the drug around September last year and it literally worked straight away. I had been suffering with bad bleeding, lost a lot...
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    Blood in mouth in morning

    Hey All :sign0085: Ever since I started remicade I get blood on the roof of my mouth most mornings. It is putting me off my breakfast because of the taste! Usually when I wake up i have this terrible taste in my mouth and when I rub my tongue to the roof of my mouth and spit there is...
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    Need Serious Energy Boost

    Hi All I was just wondering if any of you have any ideas of what I could take to improve my energy. I am due to go back to work next week, I have been off for the past 3 weeks including this one with a flare, My crohn's symptoms are getting under control but my iron levels are very low - the...
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    Prednisolone and Salf Intake - moon face

    Hi All Just wanted to share something with ye. Those of us who have taken prednisolone from time to time will all be familiar with the dreaded moon face. I am currently on a tapering dose, but this time I won't be ever going back on it as it didn't work for me. But this time I notice my...
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    Juices for what's bugging You

    Hi All I came across this link and I thought it was very good. It has recipes for juices based on whats bugging you. Anyway I am gone a bit o.t.t on the juices at the moment - cos trying to fight anemia and build up some energy. It has juices for healthy skin, combating aging and boosting...
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    IBD and Genetics

    Hi All I would be very curious to know how many of you have Crohn's or UC in your families. There is a high history of IBD in my mother's side of the family. My mom has UC, my aunt has Crohn's, my uncle has UC, and another uncle who died from lung cancer had Crohn's. Both my grandparents...
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    Should we ever have started Medication in the first place

    Hi All I have been doing a lot of thinking this last week, being off work I have a lot more time on my hands and I am beginning to question everything. Do any of you ever look back to when you first diagnosed with Crohn's or UC, for me it was 2005. I may be looking back with rosetinted...
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    Burning Lips

    Hi guys Just wondering if any of you ever have had burning lips while on prednisone. At the moment my burning lips could be nutrition related, waiting for bloods to be back this evening. but I noticed it is one of the side effects of prednisone.