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    Direct-to-colonscopy follow-up question

    Hi everyone, My GP made a GI referral for suspected IBD (symptoms & +calprotectin) and I've been booked for a "direct to procedure" colonoscopy next week. I won't have met the gastroenterologist before then. I guess obviously they will make a follow-up appointment if there are any significant...
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    Colonoscopy with fissures advice?

    Hi all - I’m having my first colonoscopy the week after next for suspected IBD. I’m feeling extra anxious about it because I have now started having some trouble with painful anal fissures. Have been using diltiazem cream, zinc, warm soaks etc but they don’t seem to be healing. Will this make...
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    How long did you wait for GI referral?

    Hi everyone! Just wondering what the typical wait time has been to get in to the gastroenterologist for diagnosis? My GP sent an “urgent” referral about 5 weeks ago after receiving stool test results (negative for infectious stuff, but FIT+, calprotectin 475, and “many white blood cells...