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    Congealed blood

    On holiday and while taking a shower have noticed what looks like congealed blood not sure where it's coming from maybe my nose while rinsing my face.Found a bit on my leg but doesn't seem to be coming from my butt or my penis
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    Abdominal distention

    Does anyone else have constant distention and breathing discomfort which are my main and worse symptoms, since all began no meds such as mebervine or any other ibs medication have eased these symptoms even slightly and never heard anyone else mention constant distention or bloating.
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    Bbc breakfast uk

    Did anybody in the UK see the piece on abdominal pain and breathing issues and other stomach symptoms,seems the health proffesion are finally waking up to the reality of the situation let's hope that our gps will begin to take a different approach with how they treat things.
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    Nuerology results

    Results from my recent nuerology appointment some of the details are a little wtong but breaks things down I didn't drink 13 cans a day for a decade though just the binge that made me quit ;)
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    Connection between celiac disease and cerrebular issues ?

    seems to be a link with all my symptoms which all started soon after giving up alcohol think finally thanks to advice from this forum and todays nuero appointment im getting somewhere
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    Are these pains related to the stomach issues

    have alot of body aches n pains temporal arteries pain at back of head behind eyes numbness in arms n tingles dizziness n vertigo nausea fatigue n sleeplessness are these things somehow related gps dont seem to think so but im not so sure
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    All started in 1993

    my name is paul or ellazmeanie im 47 began with the worst headaches I ever experienced 3 weeks back n forth to docs n dentist taking pain meds then one morning they seemed to have gone relief at last so I thought suddenly I felt a click in my lower right back n a rush of cold air in a flat...