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  1. amwolf2

    Humira Reimbursement program questions

    Does anyone have a high deductible health plan and use the Humira reimbursement program? We just got new insurance and I am debating on getting it filled for the first time right now before the end of the year. In theory, I think I would get reimbursed, but I’m afraid of it not working and...
  2. amwolf2

    Frequnecy of Humira?

    I am just wondering if anyone goes longer than 2 weeks between your Humira dosing?? or go off it completely? I did not like the idea of starting Humira in the first place due to all the scary possible side effects, but now that I have gained 20 pounds since starting it, and also have more acne...
  3. amwolf2

    Surgery or Humira ?

    Hello all, I have been waiting for awhile now to start on Humira, but my white blood count has been high AND I have a drain tube in my stomach due to a fistula/abscess. My gastro doc thinks that if I could ever start the Humira, that it could possibly heal me, but I think the surgeon thinks...
  4. amwolf2

    Starting Humira next week- Scared!

    Hello, I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 2004, had a very bad abscess which needed draining, then had surgery to remove 1.5 ft of small intestine. After that I dealt fairly well for 8-9 years, until the past year... My Crohn's is back as well as another abscess. I have gone around and around...