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  1. musicislife52

    Tips for Improving Digestion

    Based on years of personal experience, but it's still a work in progress. -Rest!!! -Listen to your body -Lots of water (lemon water upon waking if it works well for your body) -Minimize cold beverages (room temperature to warm is best) -Proper food combining (many examples of this can be found...
  2. musicislife52


    Are any of you Crohn's-drug-free, and how long have you been? What are you doing to stay off of them that really works for you? Supplements, exercise, diet, etc.
  3. musicislife52

    Raw Vegan Foods/Recipes

    I'm looking for raw vegan foods that are easy to digest and soothing. Smoothies, soups, purees... Anything! Bananas are a life-saver for me. I can eat so many and feel fine (as long as they're nice and ripe!!).