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  1. SarahChoueiry

    Reasons for dairy & gluten sensitivity

    Dairy Free and Gluten Free This post really was well written by my sister in law, who looked at the scientific reasons why a lot of Crohnies tend to be sensitive to Dairy and GLuten... Let me know what you think The discussion of an appropriate diet for any CROHNIE must include the foods that...
  2. SarahChoueiry

    What Drugs have you been told you can get pregnant on?

    I am curious... because now I am being told different things by different peeps with IBD as well as different Doctors... what Drugs have you been it is ok to get pregnant on and which are not...
  3. SarahChoueiry

    What is your input on Fistula's

    So I was in search of what fistula's are all about and this is the post I came up with. Here is the link (http://thecrohnsjourneyfoundation.org/all-about-fistulas/) but I copied and pasted it all here :) Before I begin.... I was wonder if any of you dealing with fistula's would like to add...
  4. SarahChoueiry

    RETREAT created just FOR IBD

    Come Join us at our Crohn's Journey Retreat from September 13-15, in Ojai, CA. (originally was scheduled for May but due to conflict of scheduling, needed to postpone to September) This retreat is created to provide a haven for those who are diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, as well as Ulcerative...
  5. SarahChoueiry

    Ginger Garlic Chicken Patties Recipe

    This is a nice way to eat ground chicken and I love to eat it with a nice bowl of soup on those cold days! This is crohns friendly for MY belly, and all of our diets are individual, try it out. If ginger or garlic upset you, you can remove it... you can also substitute it with chopped parsley...
  6. SarahChoueiry

    Ginger Garlic Chicken Patties

    This is a nice way to eat ground chicken and I love to eat it with a nice bowl of soup on those cold days! This is crohns friendly for MY belly, and all of our diets are individual, try it out. If ginger or garlic upset you, you can remove it... you can also substitute it with chopped parsley...
  7. SarahChoueiry

    Home Made Farmers Goat Cheese

    I discovered that I can not eat cheeses made out of cows milk without a stomach problem after BUT cheese made from goats milk and sheep’s milk does not negatively affect my belly. Of couse I eat the cheese in moderation. I decided to make my own goats milk, you can not get any purer and fresher...
  8. SarahChoueiry

    Have you done the Paleo diet? and did it help?

    Hey Everyone! So i am posting a 4 part series talking all about the paleo diet, written by a guest writer. (here is part 1 of 4 "What is the Paleo Diet": http://thecrohnsjourneyfoundation.org/blog/) I would like to add a "Part 5" to this series that will share what my fellow IBDers feel...
  9. SarahChoueiry

    Have you done a juice cleanse?

    Hey Guys, So i do like to juice when i wake up but was thinking of doing a juice cleanse for 2 days to give my intestines a break from digesting and help it. heard it helps with keeping the guts happy. I was wondering if you did it and if you did, what did you do? what juices did you stick...
  10. SarahChoueiry

    What Supplements do you take?

    I created a post collecting what fellow IBDers take as supplements to aid balance out those Deficiencies we all get from having Crohns. I wanted to see what you guys take and why? I take Vitamin D bc i am deficient in it. Zinc and Vitamin C to help my immune system. Fish Oil for...
  11. SarahChoueiry

    Can Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Crohns?

    I've been hearing a lot of people talk about this lately and so I decided to come up with my own thoughts on the topic. I did my research and also asked the opinions of many IBDers about wether or not they have a deficiency of vitamin D and what they do to help it... this is what I got...
  12. SarahChoueiry

    Chicken Lime Soup

    This is from Randi's Recipe Corner! Yum Chicken Lime Soup This is friendly for my Crohns Belly and I know for Randi's Colitis Belly! http://www.myjourneywithcrohns.com/2013/01/randis-recipe-corner-chicken-lime-soup.html
  13. SarahChoueiry

    Sometimes you just have to SURRENDER

    Alright Now that i am feeling a bit better (a bit!) i have decided to surrender what I can not control and be active in things i can control.... http://www.myjourneywithcrohns.com/2012/12/sometimes-you-just-have-to-surrender.html
  14. SarahChoueiry

    Quinoa Recipe: Randi's Recipe Corner

    We have someone new on the site helping provide Tummy Friendly recipes that work for her, and hopefully will be good for your belly as well! Check out her Quinoa recipe! http://www.myjourneywithcrohns.com/2012/12/randis-recipe-corner-quinoa.html
  15. SarahChoueiry

    ANTI SPASM MEDS: what do you take?

    What anti-spasm meds are out there and which ones seem to work for most people? What have been the side effects you have experienced as well, when taking them? THANKS Love to your bellies Sarah
  16. SarahChoueiry

    JUICING: my blend to help build back up my Blood!

    My acupuncturist and I came up with this mix, it does not irritate my stomach during a flair, especially because all the fiber is removed during juicing and all the ingredients are good for my Crohns Symptoms http://www.myjourneywithcrohns.com/2012/12/lets-get-juicing-this-is-for-my-blood.html
  17. SarahChoueiry

    Anti Spasm Meds?

    Do you guys get very groggy and tired when you take anti-spasm meds? I feel like it knocks me out..
  18. SarahChoueiry

    Panko crusted tilapia

    I make this a lot, it is a great way to get a crispy texture with your fish and a sense of a creamy sauce with the option of being dairy free and gluten free :) CHECK OUT THE RECIPE :) http://www.myjourneywithcrohns.com/2...d-tilapia.html
  19. SarahChoueiry

    Sweet potato chips recipe

    I did a post on the top foods that reduce inflammation in the body (granted some may be a trigger food for you so you know what is best: this is the post: http://www.myjourneywithcrohns.com/2012/12/diet-anti-inflammatory-foods-and-foods.html) Well one of the top foods was Sweet Potato and...
  20. SarahChoueiry

    Midnight Snack for A girl on PREDNISONE

    OH it is hard to ignore that late night craving, especially on Prednisone So i figure ill share what i Created :) TOASTED RICE TORTILLA (gluten free + organic) w/ Organic Avocado mushed on top (sprinkle a little salt on top) and topped with your favorite Turkey...