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  1. eilsew

    Pentasa for Salofalk

    I've been on Pentasa for over a year and have had success with it. Relatively no problems (except some pain in the past week after getting a flu jab..?) But having moved country again...I'm an expat, so move country every few years, Pentasa tablets don't seem to be available here, at least in...
  2. eilsew

    What do you eat when in remission?

    I'm just curious how many of you eat 'everything' when in remission and how many still play it safe. My GI's been telling me that I can go on and eat whatever I want, but I'm still skeptical and stay away from curries, all legumes and whole grains. My GI's recently also told me that my system...
  3. eilsew

    Back on Pred

    It took me 5 months to taper off the prednisolone. I was off for 3 weeks, then wham, pain and more pain...ultrasound showed an inflamed ileum. Now I'm back on 30mg...5 days later, ultrasound shows distension but no inflammation. Good news. Bad news...Looks like 3-4 months of tapering....just...
  4. eilsew

    Switching from being a vegetarian

    I'm just wondering if anyone on here has actually stopped being a vegetarian because of CD? I've been vegge for 4 years, and had been one for 6 years previously. My docs have banned all legumes, and I've had a few misfortunate forgetful slip ups with them, that have solidified that ban. I've...
  5. eilsew

    The food in America is SO BAD!!!

    I was dx'd with CD about 6 months ago. I'm American but have been living abroad for about 6 years now. I was evacuated from where I live and was staying with family in the States for a month. Previously I'd been reading posts on here, many by members in North American and the UK. I thought...