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    Been a long time...

    So it's been a really long time since I've been on here And a lot has changed. I was officially diagnosed with crohn's After finally going to an IBD specialist at Shands. I'd been Through so many doctors and was just fed up with being Dismissed. I'd finally found a doctor who I thought finally...
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    C-diff... Ugh

    i got a call from the dr Friday that I tested Postive for c diff. I wasnt Experiencing any Of the symptoms so I'm a little freaked out. The dr but me on some super strong antibiotic So now I feel worse than before I started it. Has anyone ever Had c diff without diarrhea? I had one night That...
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    Girls night gone wrong

    Well my girls night out was a bust! I ended up in the bathroom throwing up Most of the night. Just a small little get together and I'm Mia throwing up in my friends tub. Because I wasn't sure if I was gonna need the toliet. Luckily my friend was awsome about it. Trying to Make me not feel so...
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    New symptoms

    Last night I had new symptoms. I had eaten Dinner at least 4 hrs earlier. All the sudden I got Very hot started feeling like I was gonna be sick. I was in the bathroom with the trash can in my lap. But nothing was coming out either end. Just horrible Stomach pain and a little gas. I finally...
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    What does remission feel like?

    I'm pretty new to all this. But I've had a really Good week. Pain is very little and the amount Of bathroom trips has reduced. I've been on Encort for awhile I started to taper down. So I guess my question is ( could this be remission?) Do u have to be off steriods to be considered In remission...
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    So tomorrow I'm suppose to go to my son's School to sign a consent for screening. He failed all normal screening for pre-k. Plus meet with the dr's screening him. So many thoughts running through my head And I'm worried that my stomach will act up. Mornings are very hard for me. Lots of urgent...
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    Swollen eyelid?

    I'm freakin out a bit I woke up this morning And my eyelid is swollen. This is very similar to My first flare. My eye dr had been checking my Eyes often because of spots from inflammation Now this. So do I call the eye dr or my gi? Or both? Or maybe it's just nothing.. A little Advice please
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    Thanksgiving is almost here.. need advice

    So turkey day is getting closer.. I don't live close to my family so it's a yearly gathering at my dads. I'ts about a 3hr drive. I'm really having mixed feelings because I'm just getting over a flare. I'm pretty much soup and toast still. I have no desire to eat, but I love my family and want to...
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    Doctor has me ready to pull my hair out!!

    I went to see my gi today .. For a follow up from my hospital Admission and standard check in. The hospital Was horrible the dr's couldn't agree on anything. And it seems it may have rubbed off on her. My last apt we talked about stepping up to the Next level of meds(imurin or 6mp) Because I...
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    Never going home

    I've been in the hospital since Saturday. Went from you have a stricture, to there's Nothing wrong.. To let's do another MRI.. He was sure it was clear. Stopped my steriods Comes in this morning. Wants to scope me Swears he can reach the area that's Showing the problem. Depending on the...
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    Not a happy camper admitted to the hospital

    Went to the ER last night at the urging of My husband .. And now they won't let me Go. I have a stricture in my colon. So I'm feaking Out.. Worried about what there gonna do
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    Getting worried obstruction?

    Past week or so I noticed just not feeling great. It seems like it's getting worse. I'm living in The bathroom right now and when I'm not I'm running there anyway.. Due to passing A ton of gas. I'm afraid it will be more than Just gas.. So I started on light foods Easy on the tummy. But now I'm...
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    Is it time for liquids?

    When do you go to a liquid diet? And how do Handle wanting real food? Some times it's not an issue. I've been having some Pain, loss of appetite and I've been eating foods That are easier on the tummy. But I'm wondering When to switch to liquids for a bit. Thanks :-/
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    Yeah so I need a drink

    All week I've been miserable .. Hurts to eat, no energy Having a romantic night away with my hubby. I had a few drinks And I feel no pain all I wanna do is eat some food and be ok After. I know it's bad I probably shouldn't drink on the steriods.. But I'm so sick of being sick!! I just want to...
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    Question about appetite

    I've noticed the past week or so. I've completely lost my appetite . Just no desire at all To eat. I'm not having any new issues. Could this be a red flag that something is Wrong? Like the quiet before the storm?
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    Is daily pain normal?

    I was wondering how many experience almost Daily pain. Not always "shoot me now" Pain. But just general discomfort. Is this as good as its gonna get?
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    A million things to do.. &..a couch to clean to

    Just needed to vent! I had an accident on our new Couch while eating breakfast. I didn't even feel it Coming:-( I have to take my daughter to 2 Specialist in 2 opposite directions.. Oh god And I've been in the bathroom all morning.. It's days like this I wanna just curl up in bed. No warning...
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    Your journey to finding out it was ibd

    I'm curious if anyone was treated for crohns without a Positive confirmation from scope. Colon or Otherwise. My dr is convinced I have crohns in My small intestine. But we haven't been able to Get a positive sample. Inflammation in my stomach Durning scope. Had a partial obstruction With...
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    I keep getting this extreme pain from time To time. It comes no warning always to the right of My belly button. It happens again last night It kept me up till 4 in the norning. But I'm fine This morning. I haven't eaten since yesterday after noon. Like I've said before. I'm new to this. Could...
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    Any one else overweight?

    I've been heavy my whole life. At the highest 250lbs I started losing weight after my daughter was born I dropped to 170's.. When I had my first flare I dropped 20-30 lbs but put the weight back on and my weight goes up and down depending on how I feel .. But I get some Strange looks when I...