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  1. Robert747

    Ali Carter - World Champion?

    In the UK Snooker is a huge sport, with extensive television coverage. Just wanted to mention that through to the quarter finals of the World Championship is Ali Carter who has had a very rough time with Crohn's. All round good guy - and an inspiration! WORLD SNOOKER CHAMPIONSHIP Venue...
  2. Robert747

    Crohn's and careers

    Look I was bored ok..... Reading through the 'sticky' What career / job do you have (at the top) I counted through the last 50 posts (sad but true) before I got bored - 27 people work within nursing / education / caring 23 in other professions (including 3 working with animals) I excluded...
  3. Robert747

    Adenomatous polyp

    Hello, I had a colonoscopy on Friday and I was told I possibly have an adenomatous polyp - so a biopsy has been taken. I subsequently read a little about this - but would be interested to hear if anyone has had experience /removal of these. I am 53 so different types of polyps are not...
  4. Robert747

    The need to go and mind control

    So you are out and about and need to go - toilet nearby - no problem. Toilet three minutes away and you just make it with seconds to spare. My point is if the facilities were six minutes away I would still just make it with seconds to spare. In a similar way I might be out and have an urgent...
  5. Robert747

    Armchair physician corner

    A simple question - because simple is my field of expertise! Is Crohn's a 20th / 21st Century disease? Is Crohn's a Western disease? If the answer to either question is yes does this imply (allowing for the hereditary factor) Crohn's is essentially caused by diet? Asks the explosive question...
  6. Robert747

    Does Aza (Azathioprine) cause strange dreams?

    Hello, About two weeks on Aza and I have had strange and vivid dreams most nights. As someone who has never really had dreams (or at least I rarely remember them) this is hard to understand. Is this a known side effect? Clearly it is not a big issue, but curious if anyone has experienced...
  7. Robert747

    Very minor, but strange reaction to Aza

    Hello, I have only been taking Azathioprine for five days (150mg) and absolutely no reaction - except the tips of my fingers have started to blister / peel (like sunburn). I have never had anything like that before - not a problem, but just odd! Rob
  8. Robert747

    Chicken Pox & Shingles

    Hello, Apologies if this has all been said before - but I will use that excuse while I am still ' new' (well 53 actually). I have just started Azathioprine (no side effects yet) and heard that coming into contact with with someone who has Chicken Pox or Shingles can potentially be very...
  9. Robert747

    Manuka Honey

    Hello, I am half way through a liquid only (Fresubin) diet and will then introduce a low residue diet - I am in no hurry to getting back to eating normally. Thinking further ahead though, does anyone have views or experience on using Manuka Honey as in theory it does sound worth trying. It has...
  10. Robert747

    The hours before a colonoscopy

    Hello, Some advice please. I live about two hours from the hospital where I will have a colonoscopy - so a little concerned about getting there without accidents! If the prep the previous day is successful is it likely I will be running on empty on the day? I am on a liquid (Fresubin) diet so...
  11. Robert747

    13 free years - it had to end?

    Hello, Having spent a few days reading through the Forum I wanted to join to say thank you for the vast amount of information and for putting my mind at rest over many issues. I hope I will be able to contribute positively in the future to help others. I am 53 and was diagnosed with Crohn's in...