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    Combination therapy: stelara & imuran?

    Hi there I am currently on stelara (every 4 weeks) which is failing even after a recent “reload” dose. My Gastro doc now wants to add Imuran into the mix. Is anyone else on this combination? Have you had success? Thanks.
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    Reloading dose of Stelara....any success?

    Hi All, I originally started stelara in dec 2018 with the loading dose then 90mg every 8 weeks. In April I started getting break-through symptoms at the 6 weeks point then 5 week point. My GI upped the dose to 90mg every 4 weeks and that worked for a few months and I felt great. Then in...
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    Entocort Weaning Problems...Advice Please?

    I'm sure this question has been asked before but looking for some advice of people currently going through this. I have been on Entocort since February. Started at 9mg (3 pills). Started weaning down to 2 in late May. Weaning from 3 pills to 2 pills was tough and I was in withdrawal symptoms...